Mockery against poppies and cool people has been a constant in my life. I know, I’m bad, can’t help it! You know, I love rock n’ roll, and prefer leopard and leather rather than cute shoes, vintage skirts and t-shirts with stripes, I’m too rough to be charmed by the love for cuteness and the beautiful things. Trash Vs. Spotless. Agnès, for instance, belongs to this second kind, it’s funny how different we are regarding aesthetics. I’m too rough for that in my daily attitude (of course I love beautiful things, but you know what I’m talking about).

Well, let’s get serious, I was kidding…only a bit J I’m quite basic in my appearance, and all this modern and cool fashion is something I cannot really comprehend, a pair of jeans, a nice tee and my sneakers and that’s enough for me.

Toi, cut the crap. At the end of the day, appearance marks huge more difference than we think, but what I’m interested in, right now, is music.

Music sensivity, for some people I include myself in, comes with the age. I guess this has to do with energy and rage.

During your teen days, you know everything and no one can step on your way, even less advise you on how to do things, no way! Still I’ve never been a troublemaker or too hard to deal with, my parents’ headaches had to do more with my appearance and my lack of interest regarding college, they weren’t even worried about my Saturday nights or who I was hanging around with, because my friends were exactly the same, and we weren’t bad at all as to our parents be in guardian mood.

Music came to my life all as to mark the difference with the rest of my friends’ trend. As I’m very passionate with things, I became a freak, moving away from the standard likes, and it’s true, I wasn’t too comfy either, unable to share my love for certain things, it was like talking to a wall, there wasn’t reply back, thus I had to start searching for people like me, which, at the end of the day, no matter how different and special you feel, there are always people like you somewhere. And I did find friends with same interests and musical taste, rock places, so I was well settled in the path to follow to what I am nowadays.

Considering my introductory musical decade was all the 90’s, and that I’ve always been loud and spirited, beside my hyperactive condition, it’s easy to figure out my course: Seattle 90’s, 70’s classics, stoner, punk rock… never been into Nu-Metal, though.

The fact is that as years pass by, eventually you high spirits give you a break and yield space for more stuff. It’s the actual turning  point in which your mind and taste start to be open to new sounds and sensations, and you become a diehard music lover for good. At least this is my personal experience.

You find yourself enjoying Pet Sounds and Diary of a Madman all the same, and such experience is so pleasant! You can change style radically at just a push on the play key and feel great

Well, all this mini summary of my musical evolution (I think I’ll talk about it more in depth) was an excuse to talk about the more I’m discovering new bands, the closer I find myself to Pop. And no, I don’t mean Spanish pop, or mainstream classified pop. By pop, I refer to all this new wave of American bands, labeled as many different styles, Americana, folk…whatever. I share with pop lovers my passion for The Avett Brothers, Dr Dog or Midlake, to put examples.

If I was told I’d assist to a Pop Festival, I’d had laughed OUT LOUD. But I already spent a day at Primavera Sound just to see Neil Young and The Jayhawks, and would do it again if necessary.

And I’m gonna be surrounded by cool people in freak hairdos once again, because John Grant, one of my latest discoveries, is closing the Faraday festival in Vilanova, a town close to Barcelona, on July the 3rd, and missing him is not an option. I’m so happy about this confirmation…can’t wait, in just a week, I’ll be at two festivals. Life can be great sometimes, don’t you think?

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