I knew it! I knew this was going to be the night Toi is so nervous she can’t fall asleep.

In just 10 hours I’ll be sat on one of these horrible and uncomfortable low cost seats inside a plane heading towards Oporto to see my beloved Ryan Adams, with another diehard fan, Verónica.

I reckon I’ve been nervous for the last week more or less, basically listening to all the albums recorded by this man, solo, with Whiskeytown or with The Cardinals, to make up my mind I’m gonna see him for the third time in my life, but this time as a pure and truly whorshipper.

This is a flash trip, not the first time though, and probably not the last one either, just to see a band or an artist who probably won’t tour in my country, and reckon  I mustn’t miss the chance. It’s worth it, to be honest, doesn’t matter money when you spend two hours being the happiest in loooong time.

Luggage is a joke, we’ll spend barely 30 hours in that city, so I’ve just printed a couple of essential travel mini guides with maps included, so we can hang around,, enjoy the sites and take some pictures. My carrier bag is filled with underwear and basics, a couple of tees, my two cameras (also batteries and memory cards), the Ipod, cigarettes and ibuprofen just in case, pens and 3 Adams’ CD booklets…you never know, a miracle can occur and I need to be ready.

Apart from that, all are a bunch of emotions.

I checked some of the setlists just to get an idea about what he’s up to, but stopped checking. I need it to be a surprise and now I know it’s gonna be a great show, so, who cares? Whatever Adams touches turns into marvel.

I’ll be back on Saturday night, but probably will go out for some drinks, so I’ll tell you about the experience by Sunday I guess.

Friends, hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy the most whatever you do. I’m trying to get some sleep because tomorrow will be one of these long days, in which many things will happen. Unbelievable the subjective time can be, don’t you think?

2 responses to “READY FOR A FLASH TRIP

  1. Have a great time, beautiful!!! Can’t wait to hear from you! Enjoy yourselves! Lots of love!

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