A couple of weeks ago, Ginger’s departure from Michael Monroe Band was officially announced. Such news didn’t surprise his fans that much, in fact, eventually we knew this was going to happen.

Ginger is an artist who needs to take the lead of every project he’s involved with ,and despite his active part in composing Sensory Overdrive, confirmations of his gigs with friends were more frequent. Personally I should add, comparing to the attitude he offered in Islington Academy last year, he looked tired, and somehow distracted, during  the shows I attended last month. When talking to him, his answer to the question about future plans ahead for The Wildhearts was short and conclusive “No future plans right now”.

This doesn’t mean the band over, I think he’s just taking a break, first by joining the Monroe Army, then to go on solo…eventually he’ll feel the need to rejoin with his band, and at that point, The Wildhearts will deliver another kicking-ass album, for sure.

Who was going to be Ginger’s substitute then? Everyone started wondering, and the band kind of created some suspense setting a date for confirming the new member of the band.

The date has arrived, the news funny spread, with the hands of the band members (remember the picture of the feet before the original lineup was confirmed?) including the mysterious guitar player.

And the winner is…


Xavi, a friend, had suggested this possibility I initially rejected, without putting much thinking on this matter, but if you stop for a minute, it makes complete sense, bearing in mind Backyard Babies are in temporary, yet undefined period of hibernation (Nicke’s released his solo album, I haven’t heard a single tune of yet, by the way).

I’m really glad for the choice, Dregen has such energy, he’d fit in the band perfectly, and sure the shows will be even more explosive.

It’s true we’re gonna miss Ginger, and his departure means a great loss in terms of new songs compositions, but hey! Let’s see what Dregen can do, and please welcome him on board.


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