I told you already a couple of weeks ago I was completely mono themed with Ryan Adams and, as you have seen, I wasn’t joking at all.

Back to reality after the amazing experience I told you about last Sunday, and looking forward Azkena Rock Festival, there’s still one last thing related to this artist remaining I must finish. The album of the week.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about the official last album with The Cardinals under the scope of a major label, Cardinology.

Well, last week I was kind of obsessed with the second album of Whiskeytown, the band Ryan Adams formed in 1994. Stranger’s Almanac was their second work, released in 1997. Apparently the recording process was, according  to different sources I’ve been nosing at, a very difficult one, facing members’ departures and very tense situation. Yet, it meant the establishment of Ryan Adams as a respected songwriter, and during this internal struggle, the idea of the artist going on solo was seeded.

Although I haven’t any copy of Pneumonia anymore I will for sure), I think Stranger’s Almanac is my favorite. Songs such as Excuse me while I break my own heart, 16 Days , Dancing with the women at the bar or Not Home anymore, are simply delightful. This album is beauty at its utmost. Songs were written with such feeling for sensibility, I feel moved whenever I listen to any of them.

Probably I’m still high after the show of the other night, but the truth is that Stranger’s Almanac brings out my most tender side up to the surface.

If only you could have half the same feelings as me, I’d be really happy for you, my friends. Life is not only sadness, fun or happiness…beauty should have an important place too.


  1. pues aunque estilos como “americana” y roots y todas estas cosas me dan mucha pereza, este disco resulta ser buenísimo! y mejor que el debut en solitario de Ryan Adams que, dicho sea de paso, me aburre a partir de la segunda canción

    • Esto último que has dicho, teniendo en cuenta lo fan que soy de Adams, no me ha gustado, y creo que deberías darle otra oportunidad, ojo, no es mi favorito, prefiero el siguiente mil veces antes. No obstante me alegro de veras que estés disfrutando con este Stranger’s Almanac, que es verdaderamente delicioso.

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