Sorry for not having posted in so many days, let’s say last weekend, christened as the Gipsy Wedding Weekend, was so much party animal one, I haven’t yet recovered properly. In fact, I’m in the middle of developing flu or something similar, got fever, my throat sores and feel dizzy sometimes.

I got lot of work to do and many ideas, talk about joints, experiences, the album of the past week…but I’ve preferred starting to talk about the show I was waiting for so long: The Gaslight Anthem.

I knew before it happened the show was going to be a blast, and didn’t get disappointed, the band covered my great expectations for the night.

I love being excited before a show, and even more, not being the only one in such state. Cuque came from Madrid, Joaquin was as nervous as me, and Agnès’ dinner scheduled for that night much in advance, had failed, so at the very last minute, she also joined the crew, ready to see the guys from New Jersey. A few beers before it, we missed the supporting band, and arrived so on time, the opening music of Springsteen was already heating engines.

Although the venue, Apolo, definitely one of my favorite ones ever, was quite crowded, we could settle in a comfortable area, able to see the stage without any problem. You know girls we have so much trouble, I usually tend to move forward to the first rows to see something, and of course, to get into the show as much as possible.

Fallon and the rest of the guys seemed to feel quite comfortable with the venue and the audience, which was very cheerful and in party mood. Gotta say, the weight of the show, the interacting with the audience and the presence on stage had to do with him only. He’s charismatic, something I cannot really say about the rest of the band.

The beginning of the show couldn’t be better, 6 hits as 6 bombs, High Lonesome, Stay Lucky, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and two very special moments for me with The Diamond Church Street Choir and my beloved and praised Old White Lincoln, mixed with Manish Boy by Muddy Waters. And then The ’59 Sound. I thought I was dying of pleasure.

Then I had a break, some more relaxing songs, till Film Noir started…I love that song, and then turn for more hits.

We were jumping, dancing, yelling, involved in a teenage spirit I haven’t felt with a “new” and young band for long time.

I’ve been reading in forums people criticizing the average age of the audience, very young people in their twenties. Don’t think this fact is bad at all, eventually this moment had to arrive sooner or later, get to an age you’re older than the members of the new bands you like. Remember The Black Crowes, 20 years ago they were kids, and so we were. What happens now? Many of us are proud parents, even divorced, but still feeling passion, same as the musicians.

It was so amazing when during the encore they played a cover of my favorite song of Pearl Jam, State of Love and Trust! Only the old rascals in our thirties were getting mental at that point. Someone said something like Pearl Jam are in the status of classics…hope The Gaslight Anthem share the same position in 20 years, I’d hate they’d become a hype.

Another interesting thing I observed among the audience was that there were many people from overseas. I wouldn’t assure the balance was 50-50, but pretty close. The fact is that bands such as The Gaslight Anthem are huge overseas, performing sold out shows in venues with capacity of 3000 people, but here, in Apolo, this band was playing for 500 the most. On one hand I love this fact, on the other though,  I hate the lack of musical culture and tradition in this country once again.

And the closing song was Great Expectations… show was over, and we were happy, hugging each other, quite drunk and in a party mood, so much, Friday was a terrible day at work, but after all, as I lately say very often, there were no regrets.

I’ve found the set list, to be more accurate and for you to get an idea of what we witnessed, I feel sorry for the people who attended the show with the band opening for Foo Fighters, sure it was great, I love the Foo’s, but just barely 10 songs of The Gaslight Anthem is not enough.

  1.  High Lonesome
  2. Stay Lucky
  3. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
  4. The Diamond Church Street Choir
  5. Old White Lincoln (w/ Manish Boy by Muddy Waters)
  6. The ’59 Sound
  7. We Came to Dance
  8. The Spirit of Jazz
  9. Señor and the Queen
  10. Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?
  11. Wooderson
  12. Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts
  13. The Patient Ferris Wheel
  14. Film Noir
  15. The Queen of Lower Chelsea
  16. Casanova, Baby!
  17. Bring It On
  18. Miles Davis and the Cool
  19. American Slang
  20. Here’s Looking at You, Kid
  21. The Backseat
  22. Meet Me by the River’s Edge
  23. Say I Won’t (Recognize) (w/ House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals)
  24. State of Love and Trust (Pearl Jam cover)
  25. The Navesink Banks
  26. Great Expectations


  1. Hahahaha… Gypsy Wedding Weekend!! I loved the show and I love how you review gigs and albums. It’s so professional! Love that last picture too, pretty much sums up the spirit of the night. It’s great that you found the setlist. I’ll try and make a list for myself on spotify! 🙂 Love ya!

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