I know it’s a bit late for last week album, but need to carry out the few constant routines I follow.  It’s late and my throat is in pain right now, so this won’t last long.

Truth is that I was Gaslight Anthemed most of time, but right after the show started just focusing on this album I had received few days before.

Three Snakes and One Charm is probably one of the least popular albums of The Black Crowes discography, even the cover is…weird and impersonal. I had never paid much attention until a friend, diehard fan of the band, insisted I had to give it a chance. So I did.

Not exaggerating, I think I’ve listened to these 14 tracks, at least 20 times, which is not bad, considering I’ve been partying a lot, and when I wasn’t, swallowing films broadcasted on TV.

After this musical overdose the verdict is obvious: I like it…a lot.

To be honest I think it differs too much from the previous and the following albums, not no powerful, of course keeping the Crowes tone and sound, more experimental though. Check out How Much For Your Wings? or Evil Eye, and you might understand better what I mean. It’s as if the band needed an album to put things together and relocate the track to go on by. There’s another album of the band which inspires me same feeling, Lions, but in which virtuosity is more noticeable and easy listening.

Anyway, songs such as  Nebakanezer, Under the Mountain or Better When You’re Not Alone have made this album has won a place in my heart…more divided into tiny parts of love.

Thus, gotta thank Xavi for insisting and making his point, The Black Crowes for being so productive, and even myself, for currently being very opened to discover new stuff. At the end of the day, the more you know, the less you’ve been around. I’m grateful for my friends recommendations…hope some of mine have made you feel the same.

Long Live The Crowes!

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