I never thought I’d post anything inspired by Amy Winehouse, but here I am, somehow in shock, this has been the first news I’ve read when coming back to civilization after a party animal weekend at a house in a remote village in Mid-Pyrenees area.

It’s not that I’m a big fan of this lady, in fact have never been much attracted to her stuff for many reasons, truth is that undoubtedly she had talent, a powerful voice, and much charisma, and gotta admit she had hits.

It was her private life, full of scandal and gossip what mostly kept me away from digging into her stuff. My friend Gonzalo has always defended her talent, and just because I trust his taste, I’ve given her some credit.

You know? It’s cool to hear about rumors and gossip about rockstars up to certain point. Everybody knows about Joe Perry and Steven Tyler when they were called the Toxic Twins, it’s fun to know the truth about the relationship between Skid Row and Bon Jovi, and all the stories related to Ozzy or Nikki Sixx. But there’s a limit in all that.

It’s intolerable  an artist’s success turns overwhelmed and eclipsed by personal stuff, especially when excess involving drug abuse or booze becomes the main issue.

Alice in Chains fans knew about Staley’s issues and those became noticeable when he was on stage. We feared the worst, and eventually that moment arrived, but there wasn’t constant buzz.

Unfortunately Amy Winehouse has become a victim of her own success, and nobody has protected her at all. Her addictions have been published and exploited by the media, turning her into a clown. Her record companies haven’t got things under control and have been leaving her at public exposure. I think when you got an artist under contract, spending so much money in promo and recording…the least you should do is to take care of your investment, but seems that the latest trend is an artist digging her own grave being witnessed by everyone, because that sells. And in this case, it’s not difficult to predict this premature death will be squeezed and several parties will get a good share from it. That sucks!

Talent darkened by drugs, mockery and bullshit…Amy wasn’t an angel, at the end of the day nobody is, but it’s sad she lost the right track and people surrounding her didn’t manage her to focus at what she was the best. Honest, I’m sorry for this loss, no matter I’ve never been a fan of hers, circumstances are really sad, 27 years old, the doomed age at which some legends passed away…the only thing I can say is

Rest In Peace, Amy Winehouse.

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