Last week was a busy one. Peak season at work stresses me a lot, and after spending around 10 hours at the office I usually feel like having a beer afterwards and have some social living. This is the main reason I didn’t post much.

This week is different, last week in the month, I’m broke, which means I’ll have beers at home, and consequently, will post more.

First update required is the album of past week. Truth is that I didn’t have much time for playing much music, but I’ve been thinking, and The Dirty South has been the album I’ve been listening to, for disconnecting from reality.

I had heard of these guys from Alabama many times, but for some reason never paid attention. I think the name, Drive-by Truckers, reminded me of my first ex-boyfriend’s band, Evil Truckers, named after my suggestion, long time ago, and on the other hand, I thought they had to be some sort of third category stoner band.

Prejudice is a constant bad habit I have, I’m trying to quit badly.

Two three years ago, this album fell on my hands, and I thought it was time to give them a chance, because, once again, I was hearing and reading too much praising. And it was a complete surprise.

Truth is not as easy listening as other stuff I recommend here, partly because of the length of songs, many people don’t get hooked. I used to be one of these pro-three minute song people long time ago, but guess, the older I get, the longer I reckon certain stories must be developed. Used to punk rock, when I started listening to Neil Young, I was flipping with some of his songs. It was like, 7 minutes, wow!

What I like most of Drive-By Truckers, is everything related to their lyrics. It’s weird because their chorus are not the typical repetitive ones, they work as a kind of break of chapters in a story, because, these guys use their music to tell stories, raw and many of them really sad and down to earth.

First song I had a crush on was Sands of Iwo Jima, and then I adored Carl Perkins’ Cadillac. All the songs have something special, some kind of nostalgic feeling, and bitterness, all telling about average people, referring to past times. I don’t know how to explain it, I listen to Puttin’ People on the Moon, and I feel moved.

Probably this has to do with the time I got totally hooked to this album, about one year ago. Remember myself clearly, sat on a bench in the middle of nowhere having a cup of coffee, when I was working in an ugly office in an empty logistic area just surrounded by warehouses and huge trucks parked on the road, very sick in the head with too much shitty thinking…The Dirty South meant some kind of getaway and peace of mind, isolated from the rough real world, for about an hour, feeding my sadness with more nostalgia, yet recall them as beautiful moments.

Not that I’m listening to this album on a weekly basis, gotta admit it’s become a classic in my Ipod and from time to time, especially when I need some peace and quiet whenever I have to stay focused on certain tasks, The Dirty South seems to be the perfect choice.

One response to “ALBUM OF WEEK 28 – THE DIRTY SOUTH

  1. “Tornadoes” y “Danko/Manuel” son las que escuché de una forma obsesiva,bueno,y escucho.Es el primero que tuve y continua siendo el mejor que tengo de ellos.Tienes razón,no és fácil y tiene temas largos,pero és un discazo enorme,que necesita varias escuchas.

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