And once again the theory of Barcelona doesn’t rock anymore has been confirmed.

It’s been 7 years already since I took a couple of suitcases and a carrier bag and moved to the city. It’s a fact I love the city, but going out to cool rockin’ joints is getting more and more difficult.

I’m not talking about the rock discos you have to pay for admission, and are packed with people from overseas on vacation and getting-laid hunters. Nope, I refer to bars and pubs open on a daily basis, where you can crash any time and listen more interesting stuff than Highway to Hell (with all due respect to AC/DC, of course).

Barcelona doesn’t rock in this sense, very few places, far from each other. One of the things I used to love most from my hometown was places were quite near, so you could have a beer in 4-5 places if you felt like, staying longer in those playing the best stuff for your mood. Same happens in Madrid, you go to Malasaña, and can listen to rock, stoner, garage or hard rock in several places few meters far from the other.

Here is like, you decide where to go, and stay all night till closing time. Not many options unfortunately, adding the handicap if you wanna change, you depend on public transport many times.

Once this said, as you know, since last November I’ve been dj’n on a monthly basis approx at Outsiders Rock Bar, sometimes with Dra Feelgood, some others by myself, and a couple of weeks ago shared the sound commands with Dj Nando.

It was then, when I heard the sad news, due to personal reasons and other stuff, not worth talking about here (none of my business either), Outsiders’ closing was announced.

Carlos and Fran, two passionate rock lovers, decided to start this enterprise, which unfortunately, after one year finished. Opening a bar and keeping it alive in a city in which rock is not fashionable is tough work. They were constantly thinking on promo and activities, parties and some people like me were contributing to add more value to the place, but that wasn’t enough. A bar can suck you dry, and it’s not money, which of course also counts, I mean by saying this. Energy and passion can vanish if you don’t get some visible results. Guess the guys got fed up and decided to go on with their lives. Fair enough.

Selfishly speaking is a pity, because I’d got used to dj on a monthly basis, fulfilling my ego by playing my stuff from time to time. I gotta thank the guys to let me be part of the amusement of the bar, and for making me feel warm welcome every time I was hanging there.

On the other hand, pity as well, for another place with rock atmosphere disappears. It was a cool place, quite comfy, and everything nicely arranged. I’m quite loyal to the places I feel fine in, and usually pays them visit.

With this post, once again, just wanna thank Frank and Carlos (and Sandra, one of the nicest waitresses I’ve ever met always smiling), for making me feel at home, and for counting on me for dj’n. Also for their efforts in bringing back rock to the shitty, and for those great mojitos which cheered my sessions up so much. Amazing nights, I reckon.

Thanks, thanks and thanks, and long live rock n’ roll!!

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