I hate being apologizing all the time, yet I’m sorry for not updating the blog as often as in previous months. That’s what summertime is about, right? A break from routines looking for entertainment and amusement out on the streets…at least I gotta work, otherwise this would be Mayhem. Once this said, if you notice I’m not posting much, don’t think I’ve given up, probably I’m doing something interesting in good company.

What is a constant in my life, regardless of the season is music. There must be a soundtrack for any moment, and because lately I’m both very active and stressed, guess I need to release tension by listening to powerful riffs and singers yelling.

Glad to find out Wasting Light was really cheap in my favorite retail website a couple of weeks ago, it was an offer I couldn’t miss, and the result after listening to it nonstop last week was very positive.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Foo Fighters, but since I got charmed by their previous album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, i’m giving them a try, and most likely I’ll be loving them.

Truth is The Fighters’ sound is too damn perfect, their intended aggressiveness always seems restrained by an immaculate production. No signs of filth, even Grohl yelling makes me feel as if too calculated.

This perfection and Grohl’s changed  attitude right after Nirvana probably held me back from investigating their stuff. My mistake! Nowadays I admire proactiveness and music workaholism, reckoning these artists involved in many good projects feel passionate about what they do.

Plus he’s a close figure to QOTSA thus he deserves some respect.

What we got in Wasting Light is a peculiar variety of sensations in the 11 cuts included. When listening to Bridge Burning you have the idea the following songs are gonna be like a punch in the face. However songs such as Dear Rosemary or These Days change your mind quickly. But then you have other stuff to pull out the mad metal side of yours with White Limo.

Some songs seem to be remaining of their previous album, others remind me of QOTSA or even The Mars Volta…whatever, Wasting Light is catchy, easy listening and a great album. I can understand whenever Foo Fighters go on tour, they’re sold out most of time. Really, hats off!

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