When I finally finished The Sopranos series three years ago, made myself a promise: I had to re-watch it every two years. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it last year, really wasn’t in the mood.

August is here, and beside working like a bitch, and hanging around in bars, something up to certain level cool, but a total ruin on the other hand (I’m not just talking about dough, but the hangovers and alcohol level in my blood stream), there are not many things to do. Most people are out of town on holidays, it’s super hot and humid here in Barcelona to unbearable levels lately, as to have a walk and melt under the sun.

For all these reasons and because I recovered the complete series some friends had borrowed from me months ago, and what the hell! Because I miss T and the guys, I’ve moved both my mind and heart to the Garden State…and can’t be happier!

I’m completely hooked to this waste management business, involving friends of ours, money laundry, deals, enemies, family affairs and therapy, once again.

Positive, I reckon this is the best TV series ever.

Some people feel lazy because there are many seasons, others due to the length of the episodes (45-50 minutes), and many have given up after the third one. Terrible mistake! I always insist everyone on enduring the first 5-6 episodes to start having a picture of what’s going on.

The Sopranos is not the typical catchy series plenty of action packed in their first episodes so you get hooked immediately. Lost started very intensely and then you had to smoke a joint because the plot was complete nonsense, for instance. I cannot understand why so many people lost their minds with it. Lost and Prison Break disappointed me a lot as seasons were coming, and  I prefer to keep my opinion regarding their bullshit finales.

I started the second season yesterday, four episodes at once, perfect evening. And here is when the cake starts taking shape in the oven, when Tony Soprano is the boss and has to take care of the business… I’ll tell you about him soon.

Difference from other series is the personality of the characters and their relevance. It’s not only Tony and the world spinning around him. Everybody is important and has something to say and something to contribute for the enriching of the series. It doesn’t matter AJ is a complete asshole or Bobby Baccala is a fat fuck, their actions affect the fate of their business…always.

Knowing the end and how everything goes, yet after three years, many other series and films seen, I’m unable to have fresh memories of all that happens, nor the characters and situations, this time I’m watching the episodes paying more attention to details. There are mistakes, actors performing different characters, and people ignored during the first seasons which eventually find their time in the series. You don’t notice them but they’re there.

I’m thinking of taking notes of some funny things I’m seeing lately. With no aim to spoil anything, it was fun and amazing to realize Janice Soprano and Bobby Baccala’s first appearances are on the same episode…ha!

Anyway, don’t wanna bother with my Sopranos fever any longer, but make a highlighting remark on this series. Dialogues and plots are simply great and if you fancy about mafia, you should pay your tribute to this second league family, away from the glamour of the Corleones, or Scorsese’s portraits of Italian American mob stories.

And now, get the fuck outta here!!


  1. I’ll never be thankful enough to you for convincing me to watch this and pass me the first seasons… like 6 years ago already. The best TV series ever. Some others are almost there but The Sopranos is just over the top, superb.

    • Hahahaha! Glad you became a die hard fan of the Jersey family thanks to my insistence. You know I’m quite strong headed and when I say something is cool, that’s law.

      Same happens to me, I love The Shield, Weeds, Curb your Enthusiasm and many others, but The Sopranos will always be in the pole position.

      Pity you didn’t like the finale, I wanna get back t that point, but for me the final episodes were epic, even having goose bumps with every situation and every conclusion. Hope we can, once again, discuss on this subject soon.

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