Summer is being a very tough season for me this year. In previous jobs, it meant very few work load, 8 till 3 shift, and some spare week of vacation, with sporadic visits to the beach.

For two years in a row, it’s just the opposite, especially at the current company I’m working for. Our key account business peak season is just now, and I’m working overtime on a daily basis, not because of the company targets or requirements, simply because nobody is able to handle and coordinate all the tasks in just 8 hours. Bookings, containers, incidences, vessels…hours pass by in front of a computer and constantly bothered by stupid annoying phone calls, most of them unnecessary.

At the time of arranging holidays schedule, I’ve been the less demanding, for two main reasons: I’m single, thus I don’t have to agree on vacation with anyone, and I’m short of dough, which means I cannot afford a long trip which requires certain dates.

I’ve been taking breaks for little getaways this year: Azkena, meeting my nephew, a roadtrip to Madrid…not much to be honest.

Being single has advantages and cons. I’ve named the second due to my current shitty situation, but options are wide if you work for a company whose policy regarding vacation schedule is quite flexible.

Thus more than 2 free weeks are remaining and there are some plans, most of them cheap as hell, like going to my parents, others imply more money, such as the other festival I’m attending at the beginning of September in Benidorm named Turborock, with D-Generation and Urge Overkill (how could I miss such bands?).

It’s been 30 minutes since I got confirmed part of the most important getaway in Fall and I’m super excited and happy. I’m going to Stockholm to see My Morning Jacket live at a venue and will spend the weekend there enjoying the city and just taking pleasure in peeping the male monuments inhabiting the city 😀

Since The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies came to my life, I’ve had this strong need to go to Sweden….hahahah! That, and my great experience with people from this country, very friendly, polite and really nice, I got acquainted with during my London years. Sverige är brä!

I don’t know I’m gonna make it, period of heavy payments is coming (IRS, motorbike insurance…) but really, I couldn’t care less. My Morning Jacket aren’t coming to Spain, same happened with Ryan Adams, remember? Thus I will have to move my ass once more… I told you it wouldn’t be the last time, and really didn’t expect to repeat a flash trip so soon, but dear friends, MMJ is one of favorite active bands nowadays, and I MUSTN’T miss the chance to see them.

We’ve already bought tickets three friends, I’ve just heard another acquaintance will also attend that evening…feel free if you wanna join us, gig will be on Saturday, and if you don’t or prefer some other destination, here you are the European Tour dates…you shouldn’t miss them!








11/2 Glasgow, UK ABC  

11/3 Birmingham, UK Institute

11/5 Leeds, UK Academy  

11/6 Manchester, UK Academy

11/7 London, UK Roundhouse  

11/8 Bexhill, UK De La Warr Pavilion

11/10 Antwerp, BE Trix

11/11 Luxembourg, LU Den Atelier

11/12 Koln, GE Luxor

11/14 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso

11/16 Berlin, GE Festsaal Kreuzburg

11/17 Lund, SW Mejeriet

11/18 Oslo, NO Sentrum Scene

11/19 Stockholm, SW Munchen Brewery

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