Dear friends: I’m happy!

Well, I’m exhausted, wasted, injured (nothing serious, don’t worry) and still a bit dumb after attending Turborock Festival in Benidorm.

First of all, would love to thank the organization of the Festival for the quick decision to change the venue according to the pessimistic forecast. Two storms could have ruined the events. Also, to congratulate the staff, never been to a festival where waiters were so smiley, friendly and attentive. And third, both merchandising and drinks were quite affordable and reasonable.

It’s true there were many bands I hadn’t listened to before, and again, didn’t pay as much attention as I should, especially on Saturday, but can assure you this was a festival characterized by the high level of the bands. The main problem was, due to the place was covered, smoking areas (the main social meeting point) were outdoors, so you were missing all the action.

My happiness is obvious for two reasons: Urge Overkill and D-Generation (+Jesse Malin).

You know I’ve already talked about both bands, some of their albums have been the best of the week, and I really love both them.

My own festival started with Jesse Malin. I thought he was gonna perform with full band, but was only accompanied by a guy on keyboards and sometimes playing guitar, which afterwards turned into D-Generation roadie. Thus it was quite alike to the show when he was supporting Ryan Adams in Oporto. Still it was great! The more I see him, the more I like his stuff.

Let’s talk serious stuff. Urge Overkill. Positioned correctly in Kato’s side, first row, good! Surprise! The opened with Effigy, from Rock & Roll Submarine, and I was in heaven.

I reckon they played the first four songs from their last album, a couple from Exit the Dragon, and mainly Saturation main songs BUT, and this is shocking when I think of it now, Sister Havana. Kato’s elegance is none of this world, Roeser was also great, and the bad just sounded awesome. I really wish this comeback is for good, and we get the chance to see them and listen to new stuff in the future.

Thanks to my sister, who was in state of grace that night, we had the opportunity to meet Nash Kato and the bass player, Hadji Hodgkiss. Sorry, but the “team” pic is not available at this moment. Kato was really nice and we chatted for few minutes.

After that, my mind could only think in a couple of things, maybe three: D-Generation, beer and friends.

And the right time came, and again, your friend Toi was in first row, completely hysteric. From 1998 I wanted to see this band on stage, No Lunch, for many years had been like a Bible for me. I needed to see Jesse Malin getting crazy LAMF… honest, D-Generation was one of these bands which, at certain point, marked my musical path. All this been said, this was a dream come true. And it was a blast!

Malin jumped on stage with such rage and attitude and energy…opening  with Degenerated, everybody got insane. Then it was hit after hit: She stands there, Suicide, Guitar Mafia, Capital Offender, Major, Helpless, Scorch, Frankie…to end with No Way Out. Can you imagine? Believe me if I tell you at some point I was seriously considering to jump onto the stage, but thank God, a moment of sanity told me not to, first because I was going to end up losing my teeth, and second, because security stuff were huge blokes not in the mood for stupid crap. Instead I decided to bak up to other rows and join my friends. My voice got mostly lost then, but I didn’t care.

Anyway, most important, the band sounded the best, solid and powerful, and well, rest of the band were a bit aside, allowing Malin to release all the energy kept for himself all these years. Really, down on my knees to the Moltisanti of Rock.

And again, my sis, all of a sudden got kicked by a drumstick…and now it’s mine! I know, it might sound silly, but I love getting setlists, picks, drumsticks or whatever at gigs, these items are like little treasures.

After that there was time for being party animals once again. Not gonna tell you many details, just a couple of highlights, I ended washing my hair in beer on Friday (and ending songs doing the spagat completely inspired by Michael Monroe on Saturday).

One of the greatest nights thanks to the bands and to all the people I met at the Festival. You know who you are, and you’re great.

Ah! Need to highlight my thanks to Spirit76, aka Morote 😉 , for his amazing pictures of DGen. I was too nervous to stay focused on getting pictures and has let me borrow some of his stuff.

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