Oh c’mon! One week I have two albums to talk about, and the following seems that I’ve forgotten about it. No way! I know it’s Wednesday, well, Thursday already, but have to talk about the album of last week.

Never been fan of Springsteen, in fact I can’t stand the so called fans of The Boss, specially here in this “wonderful” country where being a rock lover means you just love U2 and Springsteen. Bullshit!

For this reason and because I’ve never been really attracted to his stuff, I hadn’t given him a chance at all.

To be honest, The Gaslight Anthem have had something to do with one of my latest purchases, the collection of The Boss’ albums from 1973 to 1984, including his first 7 albums. A good friend of mine (Artie!!!) introduced me to the band remarking them to be under his influence, and as far as I can tell right now, he was right.

I haven’t listened to all of them yet, probably 4 at the moment, but I’ve already found my favorite one, Nebraska.

The tone of this album in general is dark, even pessimistic, but at the same time evokes some kind of peace.

Don’t ask me to make a statement or a serious review on this album, I haven’t listened to the lyrics properly, nor analyzed anything in depth, I just like it because it reminds me of a demo, with the acoustic guitars, very rough with what seems to be, zero production. I imagine the guy, sat on a stool, with his old guitar and a harmonica, on a mini stage, at the end of a dirty joint…like in a film, telling his stories, as if he was a troubadour. Probably I have too much imagination, but love these albums able to evoke things and awake stories in my mind.

Listening to songs such as Mansion on the Hill, Atlantic City or Used Cars is simply magic for me…just for that, I forgive Springsteen’s fans and what figure he’s become nowadays.

With Nebraska, I’ve decided to do something nobody who knows me could ever think of, I’m gonna give a chance to The Boss.

2 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 35 – NEBRASKA

  1. I am a new fan from another country and have just acquired Nebraska. And standing in awe. Today I have been profoundly moved by My father’s house.
    Did you know that apparently the album is in fact a demo that he later decided to use just as it is?

    • Marile!

      thanks a lot for your comment and for liking this post, means a lot to me.

      Regarding Nebraska, to be honest, I read what you’re commenting the day after I wrote this post. Quality in recording and super low production were the typical for a demo. Can you imagine Nebraska forgotten in a drawer? These songs are too great as to keep them hidden.

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