The older you get, the more information you have in your mind. That’s a fact. The more living experiences you have, the less detailed memories you recall. Well, this is something I reckon that happens to me. The database in my brain allows me to remember the most outstanding events in my life, and then if I focus on certain things I get many details.

What was I doing exactly 10 years ago? If you were asking me such question tomorrow I wouldn’t have the slightest idea, but 9/11 is unfortunately a date I won’t ever forget.

10 years ago, I was spending some time in Barcelona, trying to settle here, close to my current boyfriend. Things weren’t so bad between us at that time, and it seemed to be the right movement. Problem was I wasn’t getting any interesting or decent job, so I had to come back to my hometown.

I had a job interview at 3PM for teaching English at an academy, New Way, was called. I was recommended by a friend, who had also been living in UK for some years, and she thought I could fit in.

Jose and I were spending a couple of days at my parents’ and they invited us to have lunch at an Italian joint, and right after I was going to meet the headmaster of the place.

It was quite hot in there, and the guy read my CV in front of me as if he hadn’t done it already, and seemed not really interested in me. He didn’t even turn off the radio while I was there, and he was a bit rude.

All of a sudden we heard it, a plane had crashed against one of the twin towers of the WTC in Manhattan. Chaos started immediately, and nobody could provide further information.

And there I was, unable to perform a nice interview because the guy was constantly interrupting me, whenever there were updates on the event.

Gotta tell you, I got the hell out of there as soon as I could, remarking on the fact that we should have another interview, but the guy was an asshole, and the farewell was like “Ok, whatever”. I didn’t get the job, and the guy told my friend my appearance was too aggressive for the philosophy of the school, wearing my huge nose ring. Asshole! My friend was wearing one, a bit smaller than mine.

Once on the street, my heart was pounding furiously, on one hand because I was at the guy, and honest, because of the shocking news I needed to know further in detail. Would you believe me if I told you I run to my parents’? it was 10 minutes away, but seemed an eternity.

When I arrived home everything was quiet but the TV, at very high volume.

At that very second, the first tower collapsed. It was like a kind of bad joke. Couldn’t be real, but it was. The rest is history.

I think I’ve never watched so much TV in my life. We didn’t do anything else, we had acquaintances there we were worried about too much, thus phone calls were quite a constant too. No one knew anything.

It’s curious this tragedy was worldwide mourned when people are constantly killing each other, there are wars all the time, starvation, poverty…nothing affected me so much in my life, I reckon.

I’m not American, but as you probably know, even there are certain aspects I don’t share, regarding politics, culture and social and educational stuff, I’m quite a sympathizer with the States.

On 9/11 in 2001, I cried and mourned for unknown people, and I did the days after.

4 responses to “WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 YEARS AGO?

  1. I was in Madrid visiting a friend. We spent the whole day outside and we only learned of the events once we got home in the evening. I couldn’t even sleep that night.

  2. Veníamos todos de comer en ‘La Mafia se sienta a la mesa’ ¿te acuerdas?; como Jorge iba ‘follao’ con la moto, llegó antes que nosotros casa y nos llamó al coche para decirnos que estaba ardiendo una de las gemelas y ahí empezó el ‘flipe’….
    Casualmente hace un rato he encontrado una ‘reliquia’ : Cuando subías a las gemelas te la hacían con un dime; una máquina muy potente la aplastaba y te quedaba como una medallita ovalada que decía world trade center- new york y se veian las torres.
    No no creo en las casualidades pero en este caso si que lo ha sido….
    Yo había estado hace años y luego cuando fui a NY con mamá la llevé desde la 23 hasta WTC en metro y salimos al pasaje comercial que habia allí abajo (y qque no se derrumbó) y desde el subimos por las escaleras al hall de la torre 2. Se quedó encantada. En esa ocasión no nos dejaron salir a la azotea porque hacía bastante viento, pero cuando fui yo solo si que pude hacerlo. La vista era excepcional; todavia la recuerdo, asi como el cimbreo o balanceo que se notaba cuando el viento azotaba las torres.
    Anoche estuvimos hablando de ésto con los ‘Rafas’ y parece ser que hay quien opina que aquello fué como una demolición controlada; también pudiera ser, nos engañan tanto…

  3. I was in a wedding!

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