Despite the horrible heat we’re still suffering, summer is coming to end. It’s weird me saying this, but I’m willing Fall arrives once and for all, I need to cool down, get back to routines, decide on new ones, and start focusing a bit. I already told you despite I’m working, summertime has turned my life a bit into chaos.

Anyway, I’m not in the mood to talk about the upcoming season, but the album of last week.

There are things inevitably attached to summer. Same happens with music. I told you about Elvis, but can name a lot of bands which, in my world, mean heat. Ron Wood’s first solo album I’ve Got My Own Album to Do is essential during this season, and I spent several days last week listening to it.

First time someone played it to me, was about 10 years ago. My boyfriend back then had this crazy flat mate, whose main aim was to be Keith Richards. Bourbon was his choice, and smoke non filtered Luckies to get his teeth as dark as possible (funny that Richards has neat dentures nowadays), and he had a parrot tattooed on his shoulder, because pirates were a symbol of genuine rock.

That flat was party time nonstop, too much mayhem to tell the truth. But on those nights, there was a peak moment in which I’ve Got My Own Album To Do was played out loud, and we were all dancing and singing I Can Feel the Fire as if it was a national party anthem.

This was one of the first albums I bought when I got widowed, and I simply love it.

Collaborations are very obvious and remarkable: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Rod Stewart among others, make of this album a kind of celebration of rock.

Classic songs as Take a Look at the Guy or Am I Groovin’ You just make you move your ass, start dancing, and grab a beer, a cocktail even better, because once you push the button, the party starts with all its consequences.

Thus, if you decide to praise good ol’ Ronnie, I strongly recommend you fill your fridge with nice drinks, get yourself good company, because evening can turn into a crazy night.

2 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 36 – I’VE GOT MY OWN ALBUM TO DO

  1. The cover is awful, anyway I live the man!

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