I was quite disappointed when I saw The Afghan Whigs in Candem in 1999. I had read so many good reviews I thought I was to see something awesome but I didn’t feel too amazed, to tell the truth. Thinking about it, guess it wasn’t the right place nor the most appropriate moment. Pity, sure I’d enjoyed much more ten years after. What can I say? Such is life.

It took me some more years to really appreciate this band, and now I can tell I like them quite much.

Anyway, once into The Afghan Whigs, and Greg Dulli’s genuine attitude and voice, I started to be interested in his side projects.

Blackberry Belle is actually the first album I heard of The Twilight Singers. Last week I listened to it quite often, I had an instant crush as soon as I heard the piano intro of Martin Eden.

The album, their second, is quite dark and atmospheric, and inspires isolation and some kind of seclusion. At the same time songs are marked by a tone of elegance and charm difficult to describe. Of course, the print of his main band is present in many songs.

Decatur St. is pure groove, combining with rhythmic sequences, close to trip hop stuff. On the other hand ,Papillon starts with banjo lines. Maybe too experimental, but still powerful, lyrics are disturbing, songs are full of arrangements and effects, but have some kind of irresistible attraction.

Dulli’s voice is too personal. After so many years, I haven’t yet decided whether the guy is a good singer or not, sometimes I love him, sometimes is hard to stand, but at the end of the day his voice is genuine and unique.

Weird I was talking about Ronnie Wood’s album last week, a super summertime Must, and right away I’m so into such a dark album. Not only this one, but also into Gutter Twins and Screaming Trees (not the mos cheerful music, you know?). Guess I’m in the mood for Fall, beside September is usually a low profile month for me, with many things in my head, future plans and purposes, and a kind of Back to School attitude. We’ll see what the current week offers to me… Have a good one, by the way.

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