Most of times when watching a film, we only focus on performances, plots , and even camera techniques and special effects.  We’re not fully aware of the huge amount of information we receive when laid on the couch we’re swallowing a movie.  So many details and features we just ignore, in some cases due to ignorance, in others, just because any single person has a particular way to watch films.

Think about it, haven’t you heard anyone telling about a movie they just watched the night before, and they don’t remember half of the plot or even the name of the film? And then on the other hand,  you have the friend able to describe any single detail in such a spoiling way, they can’t help it, but just ruin it, so you don’t feel like going to the cinema to watch it because you know everything.

That’s why I love reviewing movies from time to time. I find an immense pleasure in discovering something new I hadn’t noticed the previous time I saw a movie. It can be whatever, actors in the cast, events or tiny details happening, camera work that impresses me…you name it.

Latest films which have left my mouth wide open have been Taxi Driver and Wild at Heart. I’d say Casino too, but with the first two I’ve mentioned I’m on my knees.

The reason for telling you all this, has to do with motion picture soundtracks. There are main themes recognizable by everyone, for instance Jaws, Star Wars, Back to the Future and The Godfather. These are classics, right?

Composers such as John Williams, Angelo Badalamenti, Howard Shore, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, or  Danny Elfman, are well established and respected, and have made history.

We never pay much attention, let’s be honest, and considering the wide offer on CD’s to purchase, it’s like one is never willing to spend some dough on a soundtrack, and moreover, they are usually more expensive than regular CD’s. But hey! Sometimes it’s worth investing in some of them. And I’m not just talking on these super blockbusters conducted by orchestras.

How could tell Toilet Boys, they’d have a song included in American Pie 2? Or Fu Manchu in the first episode of Sons of Anarchy series? What do you say about Cypress Hill with Sonic Youth in Judgment Night? And QOTSA’s If Only at the beginning of Wrong Turn?

Again, this last review of Taxi Driver has left such mark, I’ve purchased the soundtrack, and here I am, can’t wait for having it at home.

I’ve been thinking of making a list regarding soundtracks, this one is very subjective and personal, and it doesn’t mean is the best. There’s nothing compared to the Imperial March, whenever I listen to it, I have goose bumps I swear. Apart from that, I’m making a list of soundtracks that for one reason or another have made an impact on me.

Let’s get started:

Singles.  Before I saw the movie, I had learned all the songs by heart: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Paul Westerberg… the so called Grunge movement, reflected in this soundtrack. I remember when my package, 15 boys and girls went to the cinema…not much attention paid to the film, we were flipping just singing all the time. Good ol’ days!

Judgment Night. Another one of my teenage days and also adored before I got the chance to watch the film (it took me many years actually). These combos of metal and hip hop bands, before the label nu metal even existed, made us jump crazy on Saturday nights: Cypress Hill with Pearl Jam or Sonic Youth, Faith No More with Boo Ya Tribe, Biohazard and Onyx or Slayer with Ice T. A kick in the head!
Detroit Rock City. A movie about kids trying to attend a Kiss gig? C’mon! That’s the story of my life. You have to do it really bad not to deliver a good soundtrack. Black Sabbath, The Runaways, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, AC/DC… a dream come true.
John Carpenter: not only directed his movies, but also he’s been the composer of the main themes, and let me tell you, Halloween main theme is unforgettable, but do not forget those supporting Escape from New York, The Thing, Assault on Precint 13th or The Fog. A genius!
Scorsese’s films. You don’t have to choose any in particular, all the soundtracks are great. From long time The Rolling Stones have been present, and for that, I bend over. Think of Goodfellas, Casino or The Departed

Which soundtracks would you name as personal favorite?

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