Dark days, black nights, same old story. I was so fucked up and pissed off last year, I didn’t remember I usually pass through down days in September.

Not sure what’s the reason for feeling not blue, but estranged. This year weather is still warm and don’t have a strong feeling of Fall coming, although I feel like a bit of introspection and chilling out, and it’s time to start making some decisions on what to do the coming months, because I’ve been self-indulging the whole year and now I’m seriously broke… with plans ahead though (which of course imply dough).

Also my birthday is coming, and depite I enjoy getting older and celebrating, most likely deep inside I feel weird.

Anyway, my latest listenings reflect my inner situation more than expected, and here is another example.

Play the CD, and the first song is Shadow of the Season, repeating In the Shadow of the Season, To Find a Reason to Carry On. Such a declaration of principles to start the album, which somehow I currently feel identified with.

Sweet Oblivion has many things, but it’s mainly sour, yet an amazing album. Marked by Lanegan’s deep sad voice, almost singing in despair and slovenliness, I always think of him as a poor soul who’s managed to find inspiration from his inner demons.

Nearly Lost You is probably the most popular song of theirs, for being part of Singles motion picture soundtrack, but I reckon all songs are amazing. More or Less, Troubled Times, The Secret King… your choice. You know when you listen to an album and can’t find a song for filling purposes? For one reason or another, all of them are special, and that’s the greatness of this album

Some months ago I commented on Dust. I really thought it was my favorite album. I’m not so sure about it, and Uncle Anesthesia is on its way to my Hellhouse.

What can I say? I discovered Screaming Trees in a proper way very late. Not the most popular, I’d say, personally speaking, of course, that my usual Seattle top 3 bands, formed by Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, is to become a top 4, by adding these guys. Who knows, in a couple of years I might have a sacred top 5 if I get to focus on any others.

Aaah! Nostalgia is being present lately, the 90’s was the decade that marked my life undoubtfully, and feel really proud of having been able to be with my ears wide open to the music wonders of that time.

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