Never talked much about my job. It’s not very exciting, although is characterized for being quite dynamic and sometimes unpredictable, usually implying a certain degree of anxiety and stress. I’m involved with logistics, handling with two more people a huge textile account, of a very famous Spanish empire I’m not gonna name but sure many of you could guess easily.

While crisis is affecting the whole country, and rates of unemployment reach and affect 20% of population, this company is growing nonstop, which means I gotta work more and more. I don’t complain though, and feel very lucky after all, for both having a job and the environment I work in. the team gets on really on well and some of us are developing a quite strong camaraderie, even friendship.

Basically my job consists on assisting my clients in bringing cargo from the factories where clothes you might wear are manufactured, to the facilities owned by the company, from where distribution to stores and rest of the world is arranged.

Think of anything, the tiniest piece of whatever, and I’ll tell you it’s being moved from one point to another via sea, inside a container. It’s unbelievable, really.

Most of my day I’m fulfilling the needs of my clients, with uncertain luck, and very often I get pissed off.

I must say I’m not the aiding volunteer kind of person at all, but one of my main targets in life is to help and make my closest ones happy. And I’ve been trying to do so all my life. Outside my universe, that’s different stuff, although I walk in the line of politeness as much as possible.

Believe it or not, I’m not very interested in getting to meet tourists for having fun, but it’s true I usually assist people regarding addresses and that stuff. think of it, you’re in a foreign country, different language and culture, streets are different, sense of orientation is crap out of town… it’s always glad someone willing to help. Best example was last year in Japan. People didn’t even speak my language, nor English, but tried to communicate so hard, they even took me to the place I was looking for. Awesome! This really impressed me so much, I felt like I should be kinder to alien people.

The reason I tell all this is just because I feel like telling you a situation I lived two days ago.

After work, I went to the hairdresser’s, no big deal, usual stuff. Once  I got one of these insane stylish moments, decided to have a walk home. Evening was very pleasant, and observing things and people isolated from noise thanks to the Ipod is pretty cool.

10 minutes from home, I had some inspiration and felt the urge of buying a mouse for the computer, so I got inside a store. When I was queuing for paying, right before me was  an old lady in her seventies trying the cashier to show her an address, but the girl didn’t speak English (same shit in this country, desperating). I thought, well, let’s see what’s going on, if I manage to help them, I won’t have to wait so much and will head home cause I gotta do plenty of stuff and it’s getting late. So I spoke to the lady to get the situation.

Age is been always said to be accompanied with wisdom and experience, but there’s some kind of barely noticeable remark which states age also turns people carefree and a bit, with all due respect, stupid.

This lady, she was really sweet and polite, was exhausted. So was her husband. They were looking for a hostel someone has given them the card of, in order to rent a room for that night. I was wondering how the fuck this couple have arrived Barcelona without booking accommodation in advance. She started to tell me the story, and I swear on whatever, that, despite it might sound absurd, it’s real. They of course had accommodation, a real nice apartment with a small patio, in a neighborhood I had never heard of. They had arrived the night before and had rested quite comfy. So in the morning, so excited for discovering the city, they just went out as any given tourist. The problem, or the root of the problem was that they hadn’t written down the address of the apartment, didn’t have any contact phone, hadn’t paid much attention to any possible references to get the track back to the place nad had spent several hours wandering without finding the final point.

I really felt sorry for them, as well as was completely shocked by such spiral of inconveniences. Cheap and decent accommodation in Barcelona for the very same night is almost impossible. They had this card, but a hostel? In September? Sure was fully occupied. I suggested them to go to a hotel, depending on the budget. They were so desperate they didn’t give a shit whether it was a 5 stars hotel as long as they could get some sleep, and wake up the next morning fresh enough as to focus on finding the damn apartment.

When I offered to go to an area full of hotels, close to my Hellhouse, they were flipping, praising my kindness. There was a funny moment when the woman said, God bless you with… a tall brown hair guy. That wouldn’t be bad, I answered. And she started telling typical nonsense stuff about having done such a good thing would eventually have some kind of reward. Again, i wouldn’t mind.

At a certain point she mentioned she had booked the apartment via internet, and I was even thinking of taking them to my place so they could check the mail to find anything, I’d put them in a cab if necessary, and then I remembered my phone has internet, so when I was telling her to check right there she said once she had the email confirmation, she just printed it to delete it immediately. At that point, her husband, a smiley quiet man, yelled What??? I almost started laughing. Poor guy!

We tried a couple of hotels, and they were all packed, and then I took them to another and aid goodbye, after giving them my phone number just in case they needed something, and warning them of the dark side of the city, because they were very good pieces to hunt at night.

What can I say? The situation was weird. It was like, how could you do that? What were you thinking? Unfuckinbelievable.

Right after that, I came back home to discover something that personally pissed me of, related to my ex. Not worth telling about it, personal stuff that, again, shows lack of respect towards me. But hey! Again I didn’t waste too much time thinking about it, i had to check my mail.

Surprise surprise, my temporary moment of super bad mood vanished as soon Ias I started reading the subject of the last mail I had received.

I started to subscribe to bands mailing lists not so long ago, a year and a half? a bit more perhaps. Sometimes I don’t pay much attention except when new releases, tour dates or merch are updated. And this time the mail was telling about more tour dates added in the US and also in Europe this fall.

Started checking, and European dates were remarked. First thing I look for is Spain, again no luck. Fuck! Then I started checking again, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden… blah blah blah. Hold on a sec! he’s playing in November. Uhmmm! Gothenburg, Oslo, Mälmo… shiiiiiiiit! November 17th my beloved Justin Townes Earle is playing in Stockholm. That is, two days before My Morning Jacket gig I’m attending… and I don’t have the flying tickets yet! You bet I’m gonna make it. I’m so so excited! Two gigs in Stockholm, two bands I love playing.

You see? The old Canadian lady was right! My act of kindness got its reward! These days that I been a bit down, forgotten in just a minute.

Again my friends, ain’t life sometimes Grand?


  1. See? The old lady was right after all, you got your reward. A tall brown hair guy, just as JTE!!! I’m so jealous of you right now! I want pics and a chronicle!

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