And here I am, heading back to Barcelona on a night train, after one of the best anniversary celebration weekends I’ve ever had.

Yes, my friends, I’m one year older, not sure if wiser, but 35 is an age that’s not a joke anymore, or at least doesn’t sound like that.

The truth is that I don’t feel old at all. It’s weird, because I see myself younger, both in mind and physical condition. I think my body response is fine, although, of course, if you put it into certain tests, there are certain moments we are unable to react as if I was in my twenties. Let’s say the first example is immediately related to hangovers. Now I prevent them, and have to rely on some pills as not to die in pain the Aftermath.

Apart from that, I’m mostly doing the same for the last 10 years: work, enjoy friends, music and movies… no big deal. Of course I’ve noticed some evolution, I’ve added more skills and interest to my life, and probably learned many good and bad things about life.

Thus, my 35 birthday hasn’t been special for the age, but for the company.

On Friday we had supper at a veggie restaurant my toxic twin Gonzalo had made reservations. I’m thinking of listing veggie places or at least places serving some veggie dishes, and try to create a small data base, so people can have some clue of where to go, eat nice, and forget about the cheese sandwich just for feeding.

Anyway, everyone was in such party mood, we got quite drunk.

I was a bit scared for the BBQ on Saturday with most of us hangover, but that wasn’t an obstacle to have lots of fun. Believe me. Both my parents and my friends were there. I was nonstop crying laughing out loud, so much, my rips ache today.

There comes a time when you can act like you really are in front of your parents, and your friends do not have to pretend to be in a certain way. In some way, it’s like bringing up your parents, they have to assume and accept the way you are. And my parents finally know the way I am, and I think, after rough times, they’re proud of me. Thus, if my friends are my friends, and my parents know how I’m like, shouldn’t  be any problem. And it wasn’t. And everyone felt relaxed, jokes were constant, so was booze. Really, it was a blast.

Saturday was nonstop party for 12 hours… you can imagine the size of my hangover today. I don’t feel like going to work tomorrow, argh! But such is life. Ups and downs, right? What’s true is that we’re all saying we gotta chill out a bit. I agree.

I’ve missed many people this weekend, hope they (you) all know I love you. I’m very glad and feel very proud of myself for having such good people by my side. The celebration this year has been awesome, and sure those to come will be the same. Thank you all.

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