Today I’ve just been reminded that it’s been 41 years since Janis Joplin passed away.

It’s not that I listen to her albums quite often nowadays, but back in my teenage days I used to burn the CD’s.

It’s curious my first dj’n session was a Janis Joplin themed night at some friends’ pub one Thursday. Probably my dad still keeps the homemade promo poster my first boyfriend did for the occasion, and it was at least 15 years ago. The funniest thing is that I only had 3 CD’s and a box set with all her recordings. Enough for a night, hahahah!

And I’ve been thinking of her the whole day arriving to the conclusion that she was the first woman I ever admired, seriously.

Feeling admiration for a self-destructive woman might seem a bit awkward, but later on, I’ve been such fan of people in same condition that doesn’t shock me any longer.

Jose, my first boyfriend, was a diehard fan of Janis, and was always telling me stories of her life. She was a very carefree, self-indulging person, but at the same time, a tortured soul. Managed to succeed in her music career, but unable to find stability in her personal life. When I got to know certain details I began to observe her laughter and way of smiling. She was stunning!

It’s amazing how the thought of a legend can bring you back to so many memories.

Anyway, just feel like paying a little tribute to this fantastic and unique woman, who used to drink so much Southern Comfort, the brewery gave her a mink coat for such promo.

You better try, baby, just a lil bit harder!


  1. Southern Confort … es que alguien conoce ese brebaje más allá de los fanSes de Janis Joplin? Yo, por lo menos,no lo conocía hasta que leí sobre ella. Un poco como Nightrain. La próxima vez que vaya a Los Angeles tengo que comprar una botella de Nightrain!! Bueno, que me desvío… como no recuerdo si alguna vez anterior había dejado un comentario, o sólo era un “lector en la sombra”, FYI, Kar = gobo 😉

    un saludo

  2. Kar, aka Gobo, gracias por ir leyendo mis paranoias, y participa cuando quieras, por mi encantadísima.

    Comentarte que a mí me sucedió lo mismo, de no ser por Janis o por mis adorados Gunners nunca hubiera conocido estas bebidas. Nunca he probado Nightrain, y me comentaron que habían dejado de venderlo, pero por lo visto, según me confirmó un amiguete de Pittsburgh, se vuelve a comercializar, y no debe de ser tan difícil de encontrar porque él lo compra (luego la que se lo funde es su mujer…). Es como un Don Simón o Castillo de Vulpi yankee. A Southern Comfort si que le he metido más caña, mejor on the rocks, pasa muuucho mejor, y es más selecto. Sabes que la marca de helados Farggi hizo un helado de esta bebida? No sé si aún existe, y siempre me quedé con las ganas de probar.

    Un abrazo!

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