I’ve always referred to villains as the most interesting characters in films. They are mean, and have an attitude, and their lack of remorse in their acts, can make you feel disturbed, but attracted to them at the same time.

There are many interesting fictional villains whose acts have turned them into icons, don’t you think?

Again it’s time to make a list. I’ve thought of these 5 for being the first ones I’ve got on mind, but I’ll regret (actually I’m already regretting) not having include some more.

Enjoy my evil side!

The villain in suit: Patrick Bateman

I’ll never stress enough how much I love Bateman. Not sure whether all the atrocities he commits are for real, or just an insane desire inside his head, Patrick is a villain with class. Obsessed by his external appearance, trying to fit IN, he’s only capable of experimenting pleasant feelings by killing and chopping human bodies.

The villain with a smile: The Joker

Another personal favorite I’ve already talked about, The Joker with his grotesque smile, before becoming Gotham city’s public enemy #1, he was already a powerful and evil human being who would do anything for his own behalf. Once turned into The Joker, his main passion is to seed panic in the city, considering all its citizens expendable when trying to achieve his two targets: become the lord of Gotham city, and defeat Batman, his counterpart and main enemy. He can’t stand the man in black’s popularity.

The villain from outer space: Darth Vader

What can I say? Vader has rocked my world since I was 4-5 years old. The most loyal supporter of the Emperor Palpatine just works 24/7 for turning the Universe under his master’s command and just defeating the rebel cause is reward enough for him. With his former Jedi powers and his enormous strength provided by his half clone perfect body, plus a very well developed mean attitude, even those working for the same cause, fear him.

The villain with a religious belief: The preacher

A wolf disguised in lamb fur, The preacher is a rat, moved by his thirst for money, has a skill for nonsense talking, and with a neat appearance, the explanation for his knuckle tattoos, love-hate,  and false religious attitude,  he manages to cheat everyone successfully.


The villain in tattoos: Max Cady

Revenge is his main motivation. After spending 14 years body building, getting inked and studying law in the can, once released, he seeks pleasure by stalking and disturbing his former counselor and his family.

Now it’s your time to add some contributions to this post. C’mon!!! Can’t wait to see which ones are your fav villains.

6 responses to “DEVOTED TO THE DARK SIDE

  1. Darth Vader, Patrick Bateman y Max Caddy… un trío como para irse de juerga con ellos, no crees? Bateman es como el reverso oscuro de Don Draper. Darth Vader es, en realidad, un personaje de novela de caballería, simplemente cayó en el lado equivocado. Y Max… diantre, quien no querría cargarse a ese abogado repelente y a su mierdosa familia?

  2. Yo añadiria por ejemplo al Lex Luthor de Gene Hackman(no al payaso de Smallville),al loco esquizofrénico Alex De Large,al repugnante Capitán Bligh de Rebelión a bordo,al eficaz Hans Gruber de La jungla de Cristal,a la enfermera Ratched de Alguien volo sobre el nido del cuco….

    • Uhmmm, has mencionado a unos cuantos míticos, Xavi. Quizás la enfermera Ratched sería por la que menos me inclinaría, al fin y al cabo tiene que lidiar con una buena panda de enfermos, no te olvides.

      Como villanas te propongo a Rebeca de Mornay en La Mano que Mece la Cuna, y Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah), en Kill Bill, por ejemplo, pero hay más, muuuuchas más

  3. And who isn’t devoted to the dark side? The only ones are the ones afraid of being what they want to be.

    Nice meeting you.

    Un abrazo

    Octavius Bot

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