Jeez, Thursday already! Sorry for not updating much, this week but it’s been a weird one, and I’m exhausted, not fully recovered from last weekend (yeah, that was meant to be quiet, but finally was a crazy one), and quite stressed at work. It’s like when I come back home I don’t feel like doing anything but resting and listening to music.

Last week was The Clash week. Anyone close to me probably is surprised reading this, because I’ve never been into this band at all. You know, you buy London Calling because it’s a MUST have, seldom listen to it, and sing Should I Stay or Should I Go drunk at pubs.  Basically that was my knowledge about this legendary band.

It’s said that’s never too late, right? Well, in my case September 2011 was the time I really discovered The Clash. And I’m proud of that.

I had seen the documentary Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten 2-3 years ago, and to be honest , I thought of Strummer as a complete jerk. Probably I wasn’t in the mood for his political side, nor for so much praising.

Well, it was the very same documentary which moved me to get their two first albums, and Combat Rock. I don’t know the reason why I changed my mind, but this time I really appreciated this icon, and eventually ended up feeling respect towards Strummer.

Rock the Casbah is a song I find very groovie. Whenever I listen to it I feel like dancing and partying. The drunk anthem I’ve told you before, Should I Stay or Should I Go, a love song with an attitude, it’s just a blast.

But of course there’s more, and plenty of message in the lyrics.

Combat Rock is characterized by its variety. Know your Rights opens the album with stomping pure rock n’ roll, to be followed by Car Jamming, closer to reggae sounds. Overpowered by Funk is pure disco, super 80’s.

Reading info about the band and this particular album, you understand the reason for such mix. Members of the band were looking forward in different directions, yet they managed to deliver a catchy album, probably able to achieve more audience thanks to such variety in sounds. At least they’ve finally caught my attention. I’ll keep on digging for sure.

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