There’s no doubt when you’re in love nothing seems to be better. It’s just that you don’t notice anything or anyone around, nothing really gets your attention, especially, in my case, men.

I reckon as soon as trouble, crisis or whatever you wanna call it, starts, you start to realize there’s more beyond your usual sight. And I’m not talking about cheating stuff, something I’m totally against.

Free as a bird, I am not precisely enjoying a reckless sexual period. And let me tell you, in  drought periods, you turn to be very sensitive to many things, concretely to the opposite sex.

Remember when my former ex and I were having lots of trouble for the first time, and he moved to London, initially on his own (that’s a long different story, many of you already know I followed him to disaster), I met this guy, gooorgeous, and I thought of him as if brought out all of a sudden. No way! He, and many other people, told me we had been hanging around at same bars and pubs for at least 3-4 years, and I hadn’t noticed him, even though he had talked to me several times asking for fags or stuff like that, been completely unnoticed by me.

Well, this is just an example out of many similar experiences. When I’m in love with someone, I barely see beyond.

I’ve never been one of these girls covering your bedroom with posters of actors which turned me on. Most of the decoration occupying walls in my room were focused on Seattle bands. Of course I was in love with Eddie Vedder, but, it wasn’t too exaggerated.

Why am I telling all this? Because lately, I’m feeling like a teenager. I’ve discovered myself babbling for an unreachable guy, on screen.

You wanna know which ones I’m having a crush on nowadays? Have a laugh, here I go.


I think the first of his films I saw was The Believer. With his shaved head and his mean attitude, he still had an intense gaze. It was with Blue Valentine when I had a huge crush on this guy. The story in the film and his way of treating his girl really moved me. Last Saturday I saw Drive. Awesome film, plenty of action, violence, cars and blood… and Gosling, the driver, with the scorpion jacket and denim. I’d do anything to have him!


When I saw him on Inglorious Basterds, first I thought of Errol Flynn, and then, with German army costumes, so neat and perfect, was kind of revelation. Quite versatile actor, you see him painting prison walls with shit, super thin and even disgusting, and then he portrait Magneto in his early years. Promising career, he’s already worked with Cronenberg, in one month A Dangerous Method will be released. Can’t wait!

JON HAMM, age 40

What can I say? After 2-3 episodes of Mad Men, I started to feel awkward until I realized the cause. Perfect Donald Draper, spotless appearance, in tailor made suits, perfect hair and shave, just the opposite to the kind of guys I’ve always felt attracted too, was turning me on, just like that. His classy attitude, the way of drinking Old Fashion cocktails and smoking. Aaaah! It’s like having Patrick Bateman’s father right in front of you. Draper can make you forget about all the women struggling years for achieving the current status, just to have dinner and sleep with this bastard.


The blond bastard who ruined a family just for fun on Funny Games, with that disturbing and untrustworthy glance, drives me crazy. Even his pouty lips get on my nerves. He seems to be a sonofabitch, but I don’t care.First season of Boardwalk Empire is not enough for me.


My love for this man actually started when I saw him with his oversized aviator jacket on Empire of the Sun, but it was his stunning immaculate appearance, portraying one of my personal favorite villains, Patrick Bateman, when I lost my mind.  I’m quite shy in certain moments, but, believe me, I’d got him banging me in front os a steady cam.


Yep, tastes are changing, I still adore rough guys, in fact I love men covered in tattoos, but at the same time, I’m starting to have a taste on men in suit, with style. I never liked blond guys, until now. Who knows? I’ve always felt I needed a man sharing same passions and interests with me, but everything is open for changes. Time will tell. What it’s for sure is that none of the above would ever be mine, but probably that’s the reason why I like them.

Now it’s your time, why don’t you tell me about your current crushes?

4 responses to “BACK TO MY TEENAGE YEARS

  1. me LOLeo todaaa… me encantan estas “confesiones” femeninas. Y metiéndome donde no me llaman, puedo entender lo de Don Draper (amazo!!), y Michael Pitt. Del tal Fassbender poco puedo decir, no tengo ni idea de quién es, no me suena de Malditos Bastardos. Lo que no me cuadra es lo de Ryan Gosling… pero está bien, eso da esperanzas (juas!!)

    aquí Kar, en el modo más sonrojantemente marujil!!!

    (jué, me estoy avergonzando y todo…)

    • Kar, y a mí me encanta que te partas de la risa y comentes por aquí, jejeje Otro día caerá la lista de mi top melofos de todos los tiempos… esa si que es buena.

      No tienes crushes?

  2. You can keep Michael Pitt, but the others are mine!

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