Love these days when you don’t plan anything in particular and all of a sudden everthing ends up wonderful.

Seems I’m passing through such period. Most of times everything comes completely improvised.

A couple of weeks ago I was meant to enjoy a peaceful and quiet weekend. One thing led to another, and I didn’t get any rest but had a  great time.

Same happened again last weekend. The only “obligation” I had, was watching a couple of movies in Sitges, at the film festival. Well, I went out for a quick beer with a close friend on Friday night, and we ended up pissed having lots of fun. On Saturday, the two films I was meant to watch finally turned into 4, enjoyed a nice Japanese lunch by the beach, and spent the day with some friends from Madrid. It was a blast!

My budget is a shit, I think I’m saying this every week, and still I’m doing plenty of stuff outdoors, but it’s true, believe me.

On Monday , after a shitty day at work, something usual lately, I was meant to meet this couple from Madrid, David and Marta (you’re great!), for a couple of beers before they were attending a gig. Thing is that we’re starting to know each other, or at least, we’re acknowledging our interests and tastes. Thus, they started remarking I had to go to the show with them, but really, that wasn’t a good idea considering I’m going to Madrid and my hometown next week for a break, which means I’ll be hanging out, meeting people and moving. Still, these people considered worth spending their dough on my ticket, and I ended up enjoying a great evening.

Alejandro Escovedo was playing just one show here in Spain. Considering his connections to Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, I expected more audience, but you know how this goes, acoustic sets are not so appreciated by the masses, and Monday is not a good day for gigs either. Still, people from Madrid, Zaragoza and other places, travelled just to see this nice man.

With his acoustic guitar, supported by an awesome guitarist named David Pulkingham, Escovedo offered one of the most beautiful shows I’ve ever witnessed, and I mean it. Not only because of his wonderful songs, and awesome covers, same as other artists from overseas, he’s also talented on his speech, telling stories about his life which delighted everyone. At least I particularly enjoyed every single subject he talked about.

I had just listened to his album Thirteen Years a couple of times, but my ignorance about his work didn’t prevent me from dropping some tears at the end of the show, caused for the emotions this man easily managed to transmit.

I’m sorry and apologize for such crappy review of the show, but again, everything was unexpected, great time among friends, a beautiful show, and the feeling of having witnessed something great.

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