Today is my soul brother’s birthday, and I’m very happy for being in town close to him this year. I’m 27 days older than him, which usually makes it difficult to travel here twice in a month. But this year I felt like I owed him to pay tribute.

And this is another way to show him my love and deepest respect. Gonzalo knows I’m a very sensitive person, and in terms of expressing affection, it’s not difficult for me to say I love him at all.

He’s my friend, and I really love him as a brother.

It was an instant crush since the day we met at a bar. All of a sudden I discover someone who loved rock, Star Wars and having party with same passion as I do. It was a blast.

We passed through a weird period once I moved to Barcelona, but we did what good friends are supposed to, we talked, sorted things out, and since then, he’s been by my side.

During the toughest times he’s been supporting me nonstop. He’s the kind of guy who is so honest that sometimes words can be hard to endure, but I’m grateful for that. People don’t need their ears cuddled all the time, we need the truth, even though it’s full of shit, in order to improve and move forward.

Well, I think it’s enough flattering, probably if I go on I’ll end up crying… it’s really easy for me to get sentimental.

Gonzalo, I know you hate me writing in English, and I’m not sure whether you’ll read this. Anyway, just want to thank you for everything, wish you enjoy a great anniversary, and hope we keep on sharing best quality moments for long long years, no matter whether we have a walk, we spend a party animal night, or just have one of our chats on the phone. I love you, brother.

You got nothing to lose?

One response to “MY SOUL BROTHER

  1. PAMPARIUS!!!!!!….Muy bonito toi,muy bonito. Muchas gracias. I love you so much too!!!!

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