George Lucas is still squeezing money from our pockets and we’ll be catching the bait once and once again… with pleasure, of course.

Now that the complete saga has been released in Blu-Ray, seems that we’re about to be bombed with new amazing collector items. I’ve seen amazing stuff later, unavailable to Spanish die hard fans for the moment.

Last news is that Moleskine and Lucas have joined and just released a limited edition of notebooks. What a blast!

I’m a girl, and as such, I’m in love with stationary items. And you know Star Wars has been ruling my world since I was 4. Thus of course The Dark Side notebook had to be mine eventually.

Today, I’ve spent afternoon with a close friend of mine, Arantza. I had to do some errands and she’s accompanied me to a store. I wanted to check whether these notebooks were sold, but they were not. Guessed  I’d have to buy it through Moleskine website, so I was planning to order one sometime soon.

It’s not necessary anymore. My dad has found it in a mega store. He knew I wanted it and just felt like buying me one. What can I say? First, it’s been an amazing surprise. Presents for no apparent reason and completely unexpected are the best. This has really moved me. And my parents, I believe they’re still in shock because of my reaction. I was shouting and jumping of happiness.

Thus, if anyone is interested, check the site, main local mega stores, and go for it, write whatever and be the possessor of the coolest notebook on Earth.


  1. Wow!!!! Now don’t underestimate the power of the dark side, girl!! You are THE COOLEST!

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