Can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since last Saturday. You know, weekend, Halloween, hangover, back to work… busy!

Holidays are over and to be honest, they’ve been quite relaxing. Relieved from stress my body defenses have gone low and I’ve been catching colds, my stomach has felt weird, so I’ve been forced to take things easy, which at the end of the day has been great.

I’ve had plenty of time to meet good friends, have nice walks, enjoy my super cool nephew and yes, do some thinking. I’m good at that.

I’ve been thinking much about things I’d like to do in short term. It’s been more than a year since my life change radically. I’ve already told you about my conclusion and how my state of mind has improved. Now it’s time to focus on new things and new targets which can make me feel a better human being, no matter whether I succeed or I feel, I gotta try most def.

On one hand, I’m seriously considering to get some companion, and don’t mean a boyfriend or a couple by that. I’m thinking of a small dog.

We’ve had pets at home, but they weren’t my proper responsibility, my first dog, Pipo, was living with us until I was 5 or 6, so you can imagine it was more like a toy for me. With Lola I was 15, and I had many things in my head, plus I went to live with my granny at 17, so I didn’t assume many tasks and didn’t commit that much.

I’m 35 now, live on my own, don’t feel the urge of becoming a mother at all (even less a single mom), yet at the same time, I need to look after something and give love. I got friends, but sure you know what I mean. I need, work aside, to have responsibility and stand for a commitment towards a living creature, and my favorite pet is a dog.

Everybody says how hard is to walk the dog 3-5 times a day, and I know I can be a lazy bitch sometimes, I admit it. Having a pet means sacrifice, perseverance and discipline, and believe it or not, I think I’m ready for those, in fact I need them for my life be meaningful right now. Guess this would be a very positive experience for me, and an important test.

Thus, I’m thinking 2012 will be the year Toi will get a little dog and will try to bring it up the best I can. We’ll see.

Second target is more like a hobby, and has to do with entertainment. I’ve always had the belief, mostly encouraged by the good times I have with people, that I’m good at entertaining, and have communication skills. Since I was young, one of my trademarks has been that I have great sense of humor and have the ability of making people laugh and catch their attention with my story telling.

I’m quite interested in American stand-up comedy lately. Reading Bill Hicks’ biography, American Scream, watching Louis C.K, Doug Stanhope, Eddie Murphy, Sam Kinison or George Carlin, I wonder why good comedy cannot been carried out in Spain. Social politeness and good manners are too present, that jokes end up being mild and weak, lacking of interest and attitude.

Once all this thought, I found myself in the middle of the street wondering whether I’d be capable of writing a set of stories and jokes, based on our current lives, related to hot topics such as, why not, sex drugs n’ rock, life, death or the 5th dimension. Why not? Should I take the chance, spend great time in writing and practicing? I got nothing to lose, it’s free, and in worst case scenario everybody would think I’m nuts. Nevermind, most think I’m actually a freak, so…

Having a pet by my side, and start focusing on my own view of stand-up comedy. Two conclusions I came to in barely 10 days off work. Imagine I’d taken 3 weeks or a month, who knows what I’d writing here about.


  1. bueno, un perrete te da faena, claro, y es poco apto para vagos, pero yo con mi chucho me lo paso bien, y esos paseíllos “obligados” se convierten, en realidad, en grandes momentos para tomar aire fresco, pensar un poco, escuchar música (mi perra, qué jodía, cuando me ve ponerme los auriculares ya considera que la voy a sacar XD).

    Entiendo perfectamente lo que comentas sobre la “evolución personal” tras el cierre de una etapa vital, y sobretodo, las ganas de “hacer cosas”. Lo del “stand up comedy” me ha dejado sorprendido, lo confieso. Pero bueno, cosas raras también hago yo, así que… diablos, puede ser divertido!!

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