It’s taken me too long to update the album of the week. Quite weird considering since the first listening I knew it was gonna be the one, and I’d be hooked on it inevitably.

As soon as The Black Crowes took another break, both Robinson brothers continued working on different projects.

The youngest brother had already released a solo album few years ago named Papers. To tell you the truth I’ve probably listened to a couple of songs only. Should get a copy in the future, I guess.

I listened to Through a Crooked Sun by chance, I wasn’t looking for it at all, but felt like giving it a try one of these days you want to listen to something coming directly from the oven.

First thing that really attracted me was Rich’s voice. Not so powerful nor unique as his older brother’s, yet very sweet and calm. He transmits some kind of peace.

The tone of the songs is marked by a sense of intimacy, very evocative and emotional. Of course, his way of composing has resemblance with his work delivered for The Black Crowes, but this is way too personal, as if there was a need to express his personal experience. This is not a hard rock album, but a compilation of songs reflecting Robinson’s state of mind and soul.

As commented, this is not an album created to blow your mind at your first hearing, it’s more like the effect it provokes in your guts. By this I mean, I’m really excited with Through a Crooked Sun and when thinking of best 2011 albums, no doubt this is gonna be on top 5, most likely, but I don’t intend to create exaggerated  expectations on those who might read these lines and feel compelled to listen to it. I might be too passionate, but for one reason or another, this album has honestly impressed me beyond music quality.

We don’t question Rich Robinson as a great musician and guitar player, but he’ll always be overshadowed by his brother’s personality and stage presence. Rich has always been on a side, probably because of his shyness and own personality. I didn’t think of him as lead singer and personal composer, thus I’m feeling delighted these days.

Songs such as Lost and Found, Standing on the Surface of the Sun, Gone Away, Hey Fear… have stolen my heart, making me bend over this wonderful album. Applause!

Now imagine he decided touring at small venues…

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