Sorry for I have my mind working on many other useless stuff lately. Again I haven’t talked about the album of week 44 yet, and we’re already in week 46. I’m gonna sort this out right now and update the last two albums I’ve been listening to most, these past two weeks.

Let’s get started.


More or less a month ago, listening to Viva Las Vegas podcast, I heard a couple of cuts credited to The Modern Lovers. To tell the truth I don’t recall I had ever heard of this band before, and really pleased me immediately. I like when I discover a band by chance, so I checked my favorite website, and also my ruin,, and found that the album The Modern Lovers was really cheap, and thought “what the hell!” and clicked BUY.

As soon as I received the parcel and reached home, I played it on the stereo, and it really got me.

Checking info regarding the band, the band as The Modern Lovers, lived short, and the story of the album released 4 years later after the recording demo sessions produced by John Cale on one hand, and Alan Mason and Robert Appere on the other, is, to say the least, curious.

Labeled their stuff as protopunk, and with clear influences of The Velvet Underground,  they surely inspired many punk rock and new wave bands. In fact, Sex Pistols, Joan Jett and Iggy Pop, have covered some of their songs.

Lyrics  about weird love, and life in Massachusetts. Very simple songs, very basic chord lines, and the charismatic voice of Jonathan Richman, mostly reciting, are the greatness of The Modern Lovers. That seems not to be that much, but believe me, they’re addictive.

I find some songs I personally relate to other bands. I’m Straight remings me of The Stooges’ Dirt, and  Modern World style is close to Radio Birdman. Pablo Picasso or Roadrunner are simply brilliant.

What can I say? The Modern Lovers have bewitched me.


Last week I wasn’t physically at my best, this starting week either. My stomach hurts sometimes and don’t really know why, but don’t feel shitty enough as to visit the doctor (pending issue, I hate going to the doctor). Anyway, to retaliate such situation, I had to bring back groove in my life, and recover one of my all time favorite albums, 100% Colombian.

Once this said, really no more comments are needed, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

Months ago, I think Welcome to Poppies was the album of the week, if not, I’m pretty sure I told about such album when I got my hi-fi system.  You can copy and paste here, because 100% Colombian is also pure groove and elegance, in this case, at a superior level.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals mean an explosion of positive sensations to me. Bad mood vanishes instantly as soon as first bass drums stomps start opening Up on The Hill.

You can play it anytime, anyplace, it’s like a card joker, sure everybody will love it and end up surrendering to the groove, shaking their asses dancing nonstop. And I can prove it, because I’ve already tried it, in many friend parties or meetings. Those times have always been a blast.

The sensual and broken voice of Huey’s, mostly rapping, the consistent rhythmic base provided by the current drummer at that time, Steve Borgovini, combined with the arrangements designed by Fast, the nerd, and the variety in their themes, make of 100% Colombian something unique.

Love Unlimited, Korean Bodega, All for Self, All My Time is Gone… they’re just classic anthems for me, and would most definitely be yours, if you give them a chance. This is a MUST have album, I reckon.

One response to “ALBUMS OF WEEK 44 & 45

  1. Johnatan Richman and the Modern Lovers? no sé, supongo que el peso del Johnatan Richman más frívolo, más “chorra”, si me lo permites, hace que (pre)juzgue con severidad a esta banda. Pero claro, luego comentas el 100% Colombian y entonces sí que no hay discusión alguna. Uno de los mejores discos de los 90’s. Y hubieron muchos y muy buenos. Pero esa es una verdad indiscutible. Ya desde el inicio con Up on The Hill hasta ese tema oculto tras Mini Bar Blues, no hay descanso. Y por si fuera poco, me lleva a una época en la que no paraba de descubrir buena música, presente y pretérita, y todo me sorprendía. Estoy planteándome una escapada a UK para ver si los pillo en directo, que hace ya mucho de la última vez que les vi.

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