Definitely 2011 is being a good year of musical releases. I couldn’t be happier. Urge Overkill, Rich Robinson, Loaded, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Steve Earle… and I’m glad I’m more connected to reality and more updated, because before, I had a human filter, so I didn’t pay much attention.

Ryan Adams did a great trick when, together with Pax-Am, the record label, decided to filter the album on pre-sale period. Singles, videos, made the actual comeback more exciting.

And yes, my favorite music workaholic has delivered a wonderful album once again, despite The Cardinals missing.

Few days ago, discussing on the album with some friends, Enric confessed he doesn’t dig it. He’s not a diehard fan, and probably hasn’t found a good starting point, to dive into Adams’, and perhaps this is not the best album to balance his whole career. He said Adams was too happy, and that ‘s not a good state for a musician. Well, I agree on the first part, seems like everybody is fine for the artist nowadays, thus Ashes and Fire doesn’t reflect any inner demons as Love is Hell or Cardinology, it actually spreads kind of calm and peace. Still, nothing to do with Rich Robinson’s Through a Crooked Sun, for instance, something more like calm after the storm.

Nevertheless, as soon as I hear him singing Dirty Rain, a tender feeling invades me, and think, yes, he’s finally back. Songs as Come Home, Do I want or Kindness are very intense.

Adams is Adams, seems like he’s become one of those artists either you love unconditional, or you hate. I choose the first option. Most likely in 20 years, I reckon he’ll be praised as a classic, at the same level as Neil Young.

Bless you’re back Adams!

4 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 46 – ASHES & FIRE

  1. ok, la cosa es la siguiente… me gustan mucho Love Is Hell (pt I & II) y Gold. Me aburre Heartbreaker. Demolition lo veo regular. Dicho lo cuál, qué tengo que escuchar para quitarme esa idea de que Ryan Adams es un tío que no tiene filtro y graba lo primero que se le pasa por la cabeza, sea maravilloso o una mierda? Ahora me da mal rollo comprar un disco suyo porque me pregunto si será de los chungos o de los estupendos… qué recomendarías? (en tu condición de diehard fan)

    • Está claro que no todos los discos de este hombre mantienen el mismo nivel. Muchos de ellos resultan excesivamente largos para mucha gente, por ejemplo Gold es tremendamente largo, y Cold Roses es incluso doble CD.

      Estoy contigo en que este hombre es una máquina de componer, y teniendo en cuenta cómo funcionaban los record deals antes, pues se liaba a sacar discos como churros, para quedar en libertad, por decirlo de alguna manera.

      Creo que son muy muy disfrutables, -para continuar con Gold y Love is Hell-, Easy Tiger, el EP Everybody Knows (o dependiendo de la edición, llamado también Follow the Lights) y Cardinology.

      Cold Roses y Jacksonville City Nights también son muy chulos, pero los 3 que te acabo de mencionar, para mi, son esenciales.

      Ya me contarás 🙂

  2. tomo nota… ya te contaré 😉

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