Being broke doesn’t always mean get secluded at home all the time. In my case it’s happening just the opposite. Cheap plans on the go are getting me pretty busy lately.

Weekend was  nonstop finally, going to the movies, meeting my cousin and some friends. Really can’t complain.

Editing photos from the trip to Stockholm, devouring The Black KeysEl Camino, and reviewing some movies and documentaries for the blog Popcorn and Movies, beside other typical obligations, are occupying most of my time this week. Most likely December is going to be one of those busy months, going to Madrid some days next week, getting ready for Christmas, dinners…

Yeah, friends, we’re almost closing the year, isn’t it unbelievable? Time really goes so fast… Some 2011 summary posts related to music, life in general and different crap are definitely coming.

In the meantime, and just to wish you a great week, not sure when and what will be my next post about, here you are one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen lately.

The song is called Ice Cream, and the band is Battles (playing on Thursday  here in Barcelona).

Please pay attention to the lyrics, see if you notice something

Have fun!

2 responses to “I’M BUSY AND I LIKE IT

  1. qué tal el de los Black Keys? Mantiene el nivel del anterior?

    • En breves pienso hablar de él. A mí personalmente me encanta, pero es diferente a Brothers (lo adoro), mucho más festivo, con muchos coros… Las reacciones de los que lo hemos podido escuchar no pueden ser más opuestas, a muchos nos encanta, otros dicen que se han convertido en una banda mainstream en busca del Grammy, y otros pues ni fu ni fa. Le encuentro un groove que no se lo salta un torero.

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