It’s been a year since I got my darumas inked in my forearm. I told you already, I’m a romantic girl who gets inked for a reason, and those little eggs were to mark a new life starting.

You also know about the darumas meaning in Japanese culture, I already talked about in my first and most likely unread posts. The way these lucky charms work by making a wish involving self improvement, and the painting of the eyes accordingly.

I’m not going to paint the eye missing, because for me things in life go right and wrong all the same, thus the one-eyed daruma will always remind me that. Now that the trial period has reached an end, I must admit my wish has been accomplished. I didn’t ask for wealth nor being in love again, mine was a more simple, yet important desire. I just wanted to be fine in a year. I don’t intend to convince anyone of my current state of mind, but believe me, I’m very fine, surprisingly better than I thought.

This is not another of my life assessment, but had to share it anyway. It’s been a year, I feel great, and I’m glad of it.

After this confidence, and you already knowing I’m devoted to the art of tattooing, despite skin inking is not yet considered as such because flesh is not a permanent nor suitable for exhibiting canvas, I’ve decided to briefly introduce you to some of the artists I’m currently enjoying their works most. The greatness of internet is, once again, proved. At a single click, you have free access to worldwide artists and their amazing works, and somehow you get to learn of styles, techniques and designs.

Why not digging? Talent is on every corner, and, who knows? You might be somewhere on vacation or for business purposes and get the chance to get inked by one of these great artists.

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