I’m currently on Winter break. 9 days out of office, forgetting about containers, sailing schedules and customs clearance… some people think I’m on holidays all the time, but that’s untrue. The fact that I’m on my own and feel free to arrange holidays the way I feel like, gives me the chance to take long weekends, attend to rock festivals, and other stuff, but dears, I work the same as everyone, not so privileged at all.

I landed Madrid yesterday ready to spend 5 days with my friends, and do all kind of stuff. Right now, my favorite couple and I, after a very nice breakfast, are listening to music and digging internet or some other stuff, and commenting things. Super relaxing. We’ve planned some other activities, but right now, it’s time to update.

Agnès had a task to do today I found particularly interested, as a kind of therapy, which is to create a list of things and activities which give you pleasure.

I believe most of things which currently make me feel great have to do with my friends, so imagine, right now sharing this relaxing times with my friends is a bless.

Thus I’m gonna write down a list of those things, for my peace of mind, and once again, pleasure too:

– Enjoy good quality time with my friends, having chats, watching movies, or having walks. Indoors or outdoors, doesn’t really matter. When I spend time like this I feel very pleased, and after those, when I’m on my own again, a feeling of happiness and gratefulness invade me.

– Attending music shows. The atmosphere, people, the show itself, the band interacting with audience, are so much appealing! If the show is a blast, I can be thinking of it for days. I’ve even cried out of happiness enjoying certain shows, and still get excited when a gig date I’m very interested in, is approaching.

– Cooking (and experimenting some new meals) for my friends. I have fun cooking, play an album, or two, while having a beer or a Martini, that’s living! And the amazing pleasure comes, when people love your stuff. I really feel proud of myself, and want to cook more soon.

– Taking pictures. Although I’m not a skillful photographer, I love catching moments and things. Not only beautiful things, but also dirt and trash, day-to-day stuff I live with, street art, people… Not intending to promote at all, because there’s no need, since I have my Iphone, daily instant captures provide me a great source of entertainment and pleasure.

– Receiving parcels and postcards. I purchase many CD’s, DVD’s and books via Internet, because they’re really cheap. It’s a too cold procedure and very quick, but love the anxiety of checking the mail box at the office everyday, and receiving parcels. It’s like a feeling of relief the item I bought has finally reached the final point, me. Same with postcards from friends travelling. We only receive bank statement letters, or receipts… mai nowadays is too boring and implies payments. Argh!

– Meeting and getting to know new people. So many new things to talk about and discover, so many info to exchange… it’s like a door to a new universe about to discover. Terrific!

– My morning carajillo. That means weekend or day off. Coffee with Baileys is one of the best invents ever discovered and a perfect combination.

– Chocolate. Without chocolate my life would be empty somehow. But I have to exert some self-control otherwise I could eat it compulsively  and excess eventually turns into punishment and regret.

– Love. I love being in love, and all the interaction implied, sex, tenderness, complicity. I had it for long time, as you know. Nowadays I miss it sometimes, but the lack of it is also providing the discovery of new pleasures which have to do only with myself.

– Creating. Not a very creative person though, I’ve always considered myself more an entertainer, which at the end of the day is also creativity. Love blogging, designing trashy posters for events, dj’n, taking pictures, cooking…

– Arrange and plan events with friends. From a film session, to dinners, flash trips… I love encouraging people to do any kind of activity.

– Beer. Not only when going out, but sometimes when you arrive home after a rough day at work, the moment you open a beer, play a record, sit on the couch and light a cigarette is priceless. At that time my real day starts and can do whatever I want.

– Cudding a dog or a cat. Feel the softness of their fur, their tenderness and their warmness is something delightful.

– Music is essential in my life. There are moments you play an album which makes you feel life is worth. That’s a blast! Or discovering a band or an album you have an instant crash on. My God!

– Giving presents to my friends. There are some people you really feel like giving them something cool, and you start thinking of the perfect thing, always coming from the deepest of your heart. And it’s not a matter of money.

Of course, there are many others I love, like travelling, getting inked, lay un the couch covered with a blanket spending Sunday afternoon watching movies, but this are, you know, my most remarkable nowadays. Which are yours?

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