A couple of days ago I was full of anger and rage because of so many bands missing Spain when touring Europe due to promoters’ not taking the risk nor finding them worth playing in the country.

As a music lover it’s really frustrating when reading bands announcements and you don’t read Spain on their dates.

I moved to Barcelona more than 7 years under the main pretense of attending as many gigs as possible, because my hometown, right between Madrid and Barcelona, had one of the poorest musical agendas ever. Of course there were other reasons, job opportunities, the big city… but you know, after living in London all this night gig city life is what I wanted for myself.

Barcelona doesn’t rock. It’s painful to admit it, but it’s the absolute truth. Rock clubs and bars are closing, record stores are a dangerous species, and thanks to small venues and promoters, we’re still able to enjoy some shows. But when it comes the stage of established bands, with high booking fees, Spain all of a sudden becomes the North of Africa (with all due respect to the continent).

We are experiencing a crab backwards step in terms of shows. Now it’s more painful because we’re aware of it thanks to the media. It’s fun to arrange a flash trip to some other city to see a band, but it’s an effort after all.

Don’t think I’ll get to see Tom Petty in June 2012 unfortunately. We all Spanish fans were touching this possibility with the tip of our fingers, but dates slipped away and the only chance to see him is overseas.  I can’t afford it right now.

Same happens with Rich Robinson. He ain’t coming no matter  he loves Spain.

My friend Xavi is a Black Crowes diehard fan, and he told me he’d bought tickets for his show in London in February at ridiculous price. I thought I couldn’t make it. I felt frustrated. But the poor and wasted light bulb I still got in my head, sparked once again. On Friday morning at work, sorry if this is not professional, but sometimes temptation strikes so hard, you have to yield, I started checking his European tour dates once again, calmly. And there it was, Amsterdam. That was my target.

And why Amsterdam? Believe me it’s not for getting stoned purposes, I don’t smoke joints anymore and never been a weed fan. Could use a muffin though, hahaha. No, serious. One of my best friends, Sofia, has just moved there. She was pushing for me to move my ass to see her and approach the trip including a rock show in our agendas. Rich Robinson sees the perfect schoice: we both love the Crowes, she’s finished her exams, and the gig is on Sunday. We got a full weekend to spend together, she can show me the city, and we’ll share 72h of long chats, laughs, bitching and gossiping.

No discussion, as soon as she ok’d the plan, bought everything, super cheap. I can’t be happier. Closing this wonderful year with such a great plan for February makes me think 2012 is also being a blast.

Thus this is my self Xmas present, which eventually has become my parents’. We’re getting practical, and as I told them my plan my dad said he didn’t want to give me something useless or typical, and preferred paying the flight and the show tickets, so they knew for sure that would make me happy. How cool is that, huh?

It’s great some of these shows are affordable, and the trip to Amsterdam with my friend Sofia hosting me is really exciting, but let’s not miss  the point. We got an acute problem here: on one hand promoters don’t risk, their only possibility is including certain bands in high budget festivals; crisis is starting to get noticed even in this field because, compared to other countries rates, we’ve been paying abusive fees for the shows; and last, people request  bands to come, but at the end of the day attendance average is a shame.

I’m not proud to say, SPAIN DOES NOT ROCK.

8 responses to “SPAIN DOES NOT ROCK

  1. Definitely does not rock 😦 You’ll have a great time in Amsterdam!! And that was a great idea to visit Sofía 🙂 Hablamos this afternoon 🙂

  2. You are so right. But, Isle Of Wight has Tom Petty & Heartbreakers + Pearl Jam + Springsteen…. sounds good isn’t it?! :)))

  3. Spanish promoters are just a piece of shit. I bought a couple of tickets yesterday, Lucca is the city, Tom Petty is da man. 😉

  4. Yo estaba pensando en Dublín, Cork o París… pero sí, ya lo ves, especialmente Barcelona es la ciudad del rollo moderna y estupenda, pero de rock n’ roll, muy poquito…

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