Born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s. Not everything in my life has been gold, nor rock. You must understand I attended a Catholic school until I was almost 14, thus my first musical approach, quite irrelevant, was splattered by many of this so called pop music hits.

Truth is that most of these mainstream boys bands weren’t my cup of tea, thus do not expect to find any NKOTB or Bros shit.

Despite my current passion for “good” music, I still sing these songs, among many others, and feel respect for some of the bands and solo artists listed below.

Now it’s time you can have a laugh, remember those abandoned hits you haven’t thought of in years, love me or hate me, up to you.

Let’s get into the time machine and set destination to the decade of hairspray, gaudy colours, and tacky outfits, when in Spain we only had two TV channels, and were still under the dictatorship influence. 3, 2, 1…Go!

Spandau Ballet – Gold

The British band were pure sophistication and elegance, with those terrible suits. Tony Hadley’s voice was neat, sensual and powerful, and Gold is a hit. Period!

You remember yourself recording videos for TV, with all those awful cuts, trying to be the most accurate as not to ruin the moment? I reckon this was the first video I ever recorded on VHS, playing it every single day.

Wham! – Careless Whisper

This song belongs to The Final, their last album, and this song, so romantic and desperate, was a blast.

My American Philippine neighbor, Mary, only 13-14 years older than me and just married with an American captain (huge difference, not so in age but in culture, amazing) didn’t have many friends, and somehow we got acquainted, closing boundaries with the rest of our small families. She used to spend so much time by herself I started to hang out with her quite often, and she was crazy about Wham! So we used to spend afternoons watching a compilation of videos nonstop. She was in love with George Michael, I wasn’t much into guys but preferred the other one, the ugly, Andy Ridgeley, who eventually had drug issues (as usual, I got an innate appetite for destruction 😉 ). Good ol’ times!

Tears for Fears – Shout

Another British band whose single is included in this list. I don’t reckon this band was as easy listening as the others, theirs was a more conceptual music, and composition perhaps distant from the current scene in that time, darker and more meaningful. To tell the truth I used to love singles extracted from their album The Seeds of Love, but the more I listen, the more I love. Donnie Darko’s soundtrack featured some of their songs, and since them I got the feeling I’m missing something interesting.

Patrick Hernandez – Born to Be Alive

This song is an absolute winner. Never fails,  and everybody ends up dancing or singing or acting silly regardless. One of the clearest examples of One Hit Wonders, I got to know the name of the artist (?) 5-6 years ago. Party time!

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

PSB are super gay, and I’m sick of their cover of Always on My Mind. However, and I don’t know why, I like this song. I don’t even know the lyrics by heart, simply dig it.

George Michael – I Want Your Sex

So many memories come to my mind related to Faith. George Michael was an alpha male to my eyes and used to fancy him a bit (LOL!). I still got in my mind countless moments playing this album on a Fisher-Price record player and dancing with my friend Diana.

I Want Your Sex was something close to Forbidden Planet. A song so explicit (bless childhood innocence), and the video was like urgh!!!

Proud to say I got Faith in vinyl and I still love it!

Madonna – Like a Virgin

Touched for the very first time… Jeeez! I was 9 and created dancing choreographies for gym class at the nun school, at the room by the chapel. Hahahah!

I could barely speak fluent English and learnt songs by heart in my own nonsense English, according to what I heard. The fact is that 15 years later, my lyrics didn’t differ that much to the actual ones, thus I can say I was good at catching the language.

Madonna’s super nasty times were the best.

Terence Trent D’Arby – Wish You Well

Seems like this guy only had one hit, Sign You Name, but he had many other great ones such as this. I’ve always loved his voice and style, and songs are pure groove.

Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistible

Such a title couldn’t be most appropriate for this guilty pleasure. Robert Palmer released a series of hits and videos hard to ignore.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

My love for INXS has been developing by the passing of time. I wasn’t much interested in them in the 80’s, and it’s been during this last decade I had like a late crush on them. I have most of their albums, and even read the biography of the band. But this song, aaaaah! This song moves me, and makes me feel weird emotions. And despite I’m cutting music boundaries related to my former boyfriend, for long time last year, listening to this song was a quite bitter experience.

Well, that’s all folks…for now! I’ve been having a great laugh while writing this post, watching the videos and remembering things from the past.

Who dares to reply their 80’s guilty pleasures? C’mon, don’t be shy!!!

4 responses to “GUILTY PLEASURES: LONG LIVE 80’S

  1. Bueno, han pasado varios días, pero no podía dejar de comentar esta entrada! Ah, los jitazos ochenteros… qué puedo decir, en gran medida, me crié con ellos, que tenía hermana y prima mayores, y de eso y de sus radios, uno no podía escapar… Por partes… Spandau Ballet nunca me gustaron mucho, y si tuviera que elegir, me quedaba con el celebérrimo “Magic”. Lo de Wham es otra cosa, aunque este Careless Whisper suena más a George Michael solico. Sólo te diré que para mí no es navidad si no pincho al menos una vez ese “Last Christmas” (lo sé, soy un hortera, y me odio por ello… no me castiguen!). Tears For Fears me parecen un grupo mucho más interesante como para ser relegados a hiteros de los 80’s. Su cantante era muy bueno. El clásico de Patrick Hernández suena a disco funk setentero por los cuatro costados, y ya comenté lo que opino de ello. Respecto a los Pet Shop Boys… es gracioso, porque a mí también me gusta mucho esa canción. Tiene un groove particular. En cuanto al temita de George Michael (él otra vez!!), no, lo siento pero no, no significa nada en mi vida… sólo lo relaciono con un video de imágenes subiditas de tono que pasaron el año de su estreno en la TVE2, te hablo de cuando ver un pezón en la tele era lo más cerdo que un chavalín podía experimentar. Pero sigo. La carrera de la Madonna de los 80’s está repleta de hits básicos… a estas alturas ya debo parecer Waylon Smithers… pero el tema de Robert Palmer… no te lo compro. No sé, manías mías. He dejado para el final al bueno de Terence Trent D’Arby, o como tirar por la borda a la mejor voz negra de los últimos 30 años, con discos chorras o directamente infumables. Y de INXS, siempre me gustó ese funky rock blanco, de hecho, no hace mucho compré en una feria un disco suyo en directo… sin estar muy metido en su música, creo que estaba más cerca del rock n’ roll que del pop o del synth pop ochentero.

    EN fin, lo de los 80’s, por supuesto que había mucha mierda, pero qué puedo decir, me encanta acabar una noche completamente borracho bailando “Enola Gay” o “Take on Me” como si me fuera la vida en ello. Luego me pregunto por qué esa chica de la esquina no quiso nada conmigo… -facepalm-

    • Creo que Enola Gay sólo me entusiasma cuando voy pedo, o sea que a lo mejor realmente es un problema. Por supuesto ese sintetizador de Take on Me es irresistible, y recuerdo que me entusiasmaba el video de cría.

      Elegí Robert Palmer porque últimamente estoy escuchando mucho ese tema en la radio de la ofi, pero tengo que decir, que su contrincante, Tone Loc, siempre me ha gustado más.

      Last Christmas es una horterada de la vida, pero es vital en navidad, igual que Boney M, de tan cutres molan!

      INXS para mi ya pasan la barrera de guilty pleasures, me encantan, y eso que mi gusto por ellos se desarrolló durante la pasada década, y de hecho creo que tengo 5 ó 6 discos suyos, y es más, hace un par de años me pillé la biografía que escribió la banda con la ayuda de Anthony Bozza, el mismo que se encargó de la autobiografía de Slash. Fue una banda que se lo curró muchísimo más de loq ue podría imaginar. Un día de estos escribiré un post sobre ellos.

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