Damn! These days are being intense, although it’s not Xmas yet! Pretty scared of my physical status by January the 9th, when everything goes back to normal.

I’m just having the typical Xmas short break from this afternoon till Monday, and right now I’m writing at the train to my hometown, ultra packed, chaotic, close to a kindergarden as is plenty of kids, presents, noise…  God bless the headphones! I’m kinda isolated although my sit is by the corridor and people come and go constantly. This buzz is quite irritating, and I’m not a very complaining person, I swear.

Well, I sent you my star Wars Xmas postcard because I wasn’t that sure I could wish you happy holidays. Yes, I said holidays, not Xmas. I know many people hate Xmas. I respect it, but don’t believe in the Christian tradition and the hypocrisy implied.

In case I had to write a list with pros and cons, most likely the negative side would win, but at the end of the day, it’s an excuse as good as any to visit my family and have many drinks with my closest friends. Let’s say I’ve come into terms with these holidays.

Yesterday was my Last Minute Xmas Buying Spree, in the afternoon, and I’m proud to say I made a new mark in my timing. Despite I find really difficult to find the perfect thing for my ma, I really found something I consider very nice, and obligation aside, I thought of her when my eyes found it.

This takes me to the point of talking about making presents. I love making presents, not only for Xmas and birthdays, just because. Unfortunately my financial situation doesn’t allow me to develop this activity more, and I’m starting to think of giving more personal presents, with more emotional implication, if you know what I mean. I’m not as creative as other people, I’m terrible at drawing, but got some other abilities…

Obligation and consumerism are killing this passion. Presents should be given when you feel like, if you’re in the mood, presents look great, money aside, you put some of your love, but when you do it because OUGHT to, the receiver of the present notices such intention. At least I do, and I’m terrible at cheating, you will know for sure I hate that crap although I’m smiling. Same as if I buy obliged, my presents are those typical as to accomplish the duty and forget about the issue.

Surprise effect is the best, if you get to succeed. I’ve even cried, laughed and jumped completely delighted.

The present from my parents will not be a surprise this time, but it´s a great pleasure  to know they support my flashtrips and finally they understand my love for music as to do so. And I’m very happy our relationship is closer and funnier. Very glad!

What are your plans these days? Feeding like swine with family or friends? Traveling to Caribbean sea and forget about Xmas trees? Staying at home on your own watching movies? Are you thinking of making me a present? Aaah, you’re too kind, but it’s not necessary. If some of you wants to do something nice for me, just a beer will make it J

Going out tonight with my soul bro, you already know about him, and it’s gonna be one of these All or Nothing nights. What implies, no need to remark, guess you already know… yes, we love partying hard. Hope hangover is not a lethal one. We’ll see…

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