Memories of those night coming back home really late in not very good condition, and had to program my grandma’s video for recording the Holy mass on Sunday mornings. I had to switch on TV to carry out such task, and there were always broadcasting these long teleshopping adds, selling miraculous products or useless gymnastic machines. I was addicted to them. Lucky I didn’t dare to call…

I particularly remember those Love compilations they use to sell, for special occasions, Xmas, St. Valentine’s, with typical names such as Burning Heart, Love Forever, and that kind of crap. Those were always featuring Heart’s songs, thus I, at my most intolerant mood, put the cross thinking this band was housewife oriented stuff.

Later on, watching a documentary broadcasted by BBC of the top 10 American rock stadium bands, I discovered they rocked, stage appearances were impressive and were super popular in the States. Remember no Internet was available 13 years ago as is nowadays, you must forgive my ignorance in this case.

Thanks to Guitar Hero I discovered the Wilson sisters, and I’m fan since I listened to Crazy on You and Barracuda.

Dreamboat Annie is their debut album. Released in 1975 by a small record label in Canada, where they were living, it saw the light in the US in February, 14th, the following year.

Although I got a pending subject with their 80’s stuff, I can assure you their 70’s albums are delightful, combining hard rock and folk with unbelievable harmonies.

It only took me 30 seconds of Magic Man to feel charmed by Ann’s powerful and sensual voice, and Nancy’s acoustic guitar, and immediately surrender to Heart… for good. Please, stop listening Crazy on You, is super Led Zepp!!!

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to discover bands led by women, able to rock in an elegant and classy way as Heart do. Total respect!

4 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 50 – DREAMBOAT ANNIE

  1. I remember these compilations, with titles as “suggestive” as “Burning Heart” and such. It was logical, in the eighties Heart have some really fantastic (and maybe some cheesy) power-ballads, perfect for tortured souls. And I like them hahaha

    But that is another matter. Before punk rock, before the Runaways, there were few women playing electric rock. Most women were “sweeter” female singers, like Carole King or Joni Mitchell. Ann & Nancy Wilson represented a change. But that’s not what make them special. It’s CLASSIC rock albums like this, with some of the greatest hard rock singles or the more delicious folkish ballads. Enuff said, I ♥ Heart 🙂

    • Yay! I was waiting for your comment, as you can imagine, thinking of Heart implies thinking of my good fella 🙂 And yes, I agree 100% with what you say. They could be the marking point, or the jump, from the milder female vocalists to the wildest riot girls, without losing elegance and female touch, if you know what I mean.

      Pity they’re not popular in Spain

  2. Ok, Heart… nada de nada, excepto el clasicazo Barracuda… sé que eran algo así como la respuesta femenina a Led Zepp, pero poco más… pendiente…

    • Barracuda es un te-ma-zo!

      en serio, DEBES darles una oportunidad, yo empecé con los dos primeros y luego sucesivamente. Nadie habla de Magazine o Bebe Le Estrange, y de verdad merecen mucho la pena.

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