These days are perfect for hosting parties at home. Everybody is saturated with so many family events and heavy meals, and after buying all these presents, budget is running low.

At least for a while, neighbors are not usually an obstacle either. They can be celebrating another party at theirs, or likely somewhere else, thus complaints are not a big issue. Of course, it depends on the way you handle the situation.

It’s been a long time since I don’t have a party at home, although you know I’m having people at the Hellhouse quite often, for having beers, watching movies or just because I feel like cooking for someone else and enjoy good company.

New Year’s Eve will be the date, and the idea is everybody contributing bringing drinks, snack or something, then move to year 2012 with the 12 magic grapes (anyway!), and then enjoying a poker night, to end up pissed at a rock bar nearby, where I’ve been invited to dj for a while. It’s sounds like a master plan to me.

Music can be ignored or unnoticed by many, but this is subject I take really serious. I’m not planning playlists in advance, and as everything will be relaxed at home, prefer improvising according to our mood. Same as when I dj at bars, I can have a general idea, perhaps more accurate, considering I have to carry my own stuff, but don’t prepare a list as I used to in my earliest sessions. Most successful moments have been when everything has been flowing on the go.

Ok, I’m lucky as to say most of the guests confirming attendance are into rock, thus they’ll be not difficult to please, but it’s not so easy most of times. When people don’t like distortion, yelling or fast songs, you have to be careful as not to stress them that much. Buuut, you cannot fail into playing very slow and plain songs either, otherwise people will feel tired and sleepy very quick.

In my opinion you have to vary, and avoid focusing on just one style… but, you need to count on some of your personal classics.

Have you ever thought of your personal essentials that should be played at any party? Mines are easy to guess: Elvis, Guns n’ Roses, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Michael Jackson, always fit in my purposes and are never to be missed.

Here is Any Given List of songs coming to my mind lately, which I find great to play to a crowd of friends not very close to our mafia. There are millions more and much better, I feel like listening to these ones these days. Enjoy!


  1. que si tengo algunas clásicas favoritas para sesiones festivas? (esas imaginarias que hago en mi cabeza, claro) … por supuesto, y no fallan algunas como “Real Wild Child” de Iggy, “Dancing With Myself” de Generation X, “Danger! high VOltage” de Electric 6, “Move On Up” de Curtis Mayfield o algunas de las que dejas en tu lista, como Kiss o mis adorados Fun Lovin’ Criminals… el día que tenga mi propio Bada Bing, ya sabes lo que sonará cada noche…

  2. Un día montamos una de tus fiestas, for real!

    Danger! es bruuuuutal, anda que no me he echado bailes con ese temazo, y por supuesto cualquier tema de Curtis pega en cualquier evento…

    Por cierto, sabes que estuve en el Bada Bing? llamado Satin Dolls en realidad… soy una die hard Sopranos fan.

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