Dears, I couldn’t end this year 2011 without a word.  You already know that’s not my style.

There’s plenty of time tomorrow to write about the highlights of 2011, which have been plenty, if the massive hangover waiting for me, allows.

Still I wanna say something, and thank you all, those who only read, those who actively participate (not many, but enough for supplying me with the amount of motivation necessary to go on with this thing), and everyone around, for making of this year one of the best in my life. We’ve heard enough of crisis, the world falling apart, and lots of crap. Leaving that aside, I feel personally fulfilled and glad to be here, alive and kickin’!

I took this picture of myself last night in bed, at 4 AM approx. yes, Instagram and the damn Iphone, apart from a quite acceptable period of high self-esteem, cause me to turn into a little narcissist, and I take pix of myself, fuck it! Because I see myself pretty cool.

I experienced a moment of, we could call it,  superior state of mind. I started to think I was in bed by myself, and many thoughts bombed my head. This is what I wrote then:

This has been the first year in my life I’ve been on my own. No soulmate, no regular sex, no Sunday evenings watching movies and cuddling under the blanket… No Trouble. Just me, my circumstances and a life of my own. I’m glad, grateful to my friends, and feel proud of being the way I am.

It had to be yesterday night, when something so straight was put into words. Maybe some people think I’m carrying a way of life poor and nonsense, or that I should find a partner to share my life with. It’s ok, but never lived my live so intensely, and never enjoyed so much. Any tiny thing is a bless, every day is a gift, every wrong turn a lesson. Being able to rediscover myself has been amazing, and sorry about this moment of self flattering, I’m a good girl, and I’m worth knowing. I’ll never say I’m perfect, cause I can be a real mess sometimes, but every mistake I make, which affects to someone close, I didn’t mean it.

All this said, agreeing with myself I’m fine by myself, and remarking that without my friends and loved ones I’d be nothing, I just wanna wish you an amazing New Year, and wish you the best. 2012 is gonna be a blast, better than 2011, and I’m positive we’ll witness a Guns n’ Roses reunion. You gotta believe! Hahaha

Bless you all, friends!!!

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