There are still a couple of things I should post, related to the past year 2011.

This could be named the year Toi was reborn, from the ashes to the top (well, not so much). Many events of different kind have succeeded, making of this, one of the most intense years in my life. I’m going to review the most remarkable moments, with your permission.

  • Hellhouse Sweet Hellhouse – I started the year and a new life at once, by moving to my current Hellhouse. I named it after Guns n’ Roses first rehearsal basement in Hollywood, where they used to live, play and bring chicks for having fun. Anyway, little by little, my cave has been becoming my home, with my personal touch in every corner, and living by myself in my own shelter, has resulted one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken.
  • My Iphone – yes, it might sound super snob but it’s my favorite toy nowadays, especially for taking those instant captures of my life I love so much. It came to my life in February and is awesome for all related to pix. Everything is subject to remain forever.
  • Lion tattooed – when I came back from Japan, almost two years ago now, the impact on me had been such, I wanted to reflect it in my own flesh, for good. At the end of 2010 I got my darumas inked, as a reminder of the way life goes, with its good and bad things all the same. But I wanted a lion protector, as I saw it at the entrance of a temple in Kyoto. The evil and mean must be far away, and the lion will be responsible for keeping them away. Two painful yet pleasant long sessions took place at Namakubi Tattoo, and Daan Verbruggen did an amazing piece I’ll never be thankful enough.
  • Eric – The New Hope. My brother’s son came to life in April, and it was a bless. It’s amazing the large amount of happiness and illusion a little creature can provide.  Everything related to this baby is exciting, and the way he’s turning into a little person is unbelievable. And the fact that my small family is one new member extended, makes all the meetings and events much more attractive.
  • Michael Monroe tour – Michael Monroe stopped by in Barcelona and Madrid to offer their amazing show, with his super band, with Ginger, Steve Conte and Sammi  Yaffa. We could talk to all of them, take pix, and Jaume and I managed to talk to the leader of our beloved Wildhearts for a while. The Finnish super blonde never fails, and confirming he’s one of the the best frontmen in hardrock and punkrock scene, left us babbling and seeking for more. I attended the two shows, that weekend becoming one of the craziest of the year.
  • Ryan Adams in O Porto – What can I say? Summer season started with my first flashtrip since my widow status, with my friend Veronica, just to see our beloved messy hair boy in O Porto at a theater, supported by Jesse Malin. That was one of the finest evenings in the year, and Veronica was a hell of a great trip partner. The city was ok, but I came back a bit disappointed. Perhaps I expected something more impressive. https://sincemybabyleftme.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/the-ryan-adams-experience/
  • Azkena Rock Festival – Where to start? I already said everything. Surrounded by my best friends, getting acquainted with new fantastic people such as Chema and the Locomia crew from Ibiza, and enjoying memorable shows such as QOTSA, The Avett Brothers, Kyuss Lives… The best ARF in my life. https://sincemybabyleftme.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/arf-2011-chronicles-my-lifetime-festival/
  • Turborock – Friday evening in Benidorm was just Epic. Witnessing D-Generation reunion was one of these dreams come true. we all got crazy. And let’s don’t forget Urge Overkill and all the crew drinking and taking pictures with Nash Kato. Awesome!                                             https://sincemybabyleftme.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/the-night-jesse-malin-was-the-king-and-i-had-a-beer-with-nash-kato/
  • My 35 birthday – hadn’t enjoyed such a great birthday in years, with great part of my best friends gathered at my parents’ enjoying a gin-tonic’d barbecue. Big time!
  • Madrid – my second destination. The reason? The Cake couple, Agnès and Kiko, plus one of my personal down to Earth heroes, Artie. Madrid is the real vice city, and I love getting wasted in Malasaña. This city really rocks.
  • New friends – I cannot name them all, but they should know who they are. Chema, Enric, Ricard, Sergio, Xavi’s… I love you all.
  • My best friends – I’m lucky to have such good friends, who’ve welcome me, and have shared so many great moments. The actual engine and fuel in my life.
  • Psycho Bar – Charly Raw, Ricard Ritxmond, and Gonzalo opened my current favorite spot in Barcelona in July. Such great nights I’ve enjoyed there, and many others yet to come.
  • Stockholm – another flash trip, with the purpose of attending a show of My Morning Jacket, with the added value of an acoustic set by Justin Townes Earle in November. It was a great weekend, and Stockholm was a delightful surprise highly recommendable.
  • Popu reviews published – some of you who usually read this Spanish magazine, noticed a couple of reviews from the Stockholm shows written by me, were publish in Popular 1 Rock. What can I say? I’ve been reading issues since I was 16, thus being published was an honor. 
  • Album of the YearThrough a Crooked Sun, by Rich Robinson  https://sincemybabyleftme.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/the-night-jesse-malin-was-the-king-and-i-had-a-beer-with-nash-kato/
  • Song of the YearLost and Found, by Rich Robinson
  • Gig of the YearThe Avett Brothers @ ARF; Ryan Adams @ O Porto
  • Movie of the YearDrive, by Nicolas Winding Refn, with Ryan Gosling http://toirock.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/sitges-film-festival-2011-pt-i/
  • Series of the YearBoardwalk Empire, by Terence Winter
  • Hottest Man on EarthRyan Gosling; Michael Fassbender.

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