Here’s the last pending post belonging to 2011, the last album of the year.

I must say Generation Terrorists was not the only Manic Street Preachers’ album I listened to last week. I recovered their earliest albums in a semi attack of nostalgia.

I used to get on well with my teachers at high school, especially with Ladis (Ladislao), my English teacher in the last year. I was 16-17 and he had to be 30, approx. don’t let your twisted minds play tricks with this. We used to talk about music a lot, since we, and 12 more teenagers, went to Gent to accomplish  parliamentary duties. I’m not joking, my high school was rewarded to represent Spain during a European Youth Parliament, in 1992, and I was one of the chosen. But that’s another story I will tell you about some day.

The fact is that he was my teacher, but according to the learning plan designed, I was way ahead, thus, on Fridays he used to dismiss me from class in order not to get the classroom disturbed due to my excitement for the weekend ahead. I was kind of hyperactive, and too much talkative, and on Fridays I was “on fire”. Apart from that, Ladis used to work on special homework for me, so I didn’t get bored and had to make a minimum effort. We used to discuss about music. He was also a music lover, so this was our favorite topic of discussion. Eventually we ended up sharing music, and he taped me the three first albums of Manic Street Preachers, which I ended up loving.

In my opinion this band marked a point after Richey James’ disappearance, and most likely suicide, and became more commercial and mainstream.

I got tired of them in London, Tsunami was the typical hit you were listening 8-10 times a day. I couldn’t bear that back then, and my music preferences were wilder.

It took me some years to start appreciating this band again, and now I have to say, Manic Street Preachers deserve my full respect.

Thus, the evolution was backwards in my case, focusing first on the last albums, and finally starting a flashback towards those I had a crush 17-18 years ago.

I bought these 3 albums Generation Terrorists, God Against the Soul, and The Holy Bible, some weeks ago, but hadn’t had the opportunity to listen to them till last week. And it was a blast and a delightful experience, not only because of the music but also because of the memories bringing out. Wonderful!

From a different perspective,  and the passing of time, I still dig them, in fact I reckon I like them better now. This band used to rock, and songs were a punch in the face. I can’t remember now, but while listening to Generation Terrorists, some bands were coming to my head, as very very influenced.

What a compilation of hits, my God! Slash n’ Burn, Born to End, You Love Us, Motorcycle Emptiness, Repeat, Nat West – Barklays – Midlands – Lloyds… Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to recover these. But it’s never too late, right? And the emotions and feelings these listenings suggest me nowadays are pleasant to the max.


  1. Gran disco, reuerdo comprarlo en Virgin de BCN buscando nuevas bandas tras la oleada Hard y el inicio alternativo, afortunadamente los vi dos veces en Bcn con Richie y en concreto en 1995 dieron un conciertazo con toda la banda desbocada en un zeleste que esperaba a Suede!!! saludos

    • Bienvenido! La verdad es que, aún viviendo en UK durante una temporada, no los vi hasta la gira de Send Away the Tigers. Una lástima, porque además fue en una carpa de Movistar con una acústica vergonzosa. Algún día me quitaré la espinita.

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