I’d like to share with you a trivial yet existential question that has been kicking my head from time to time, but after 3 or 4 of my (female) friends have posted links related in the very same day, I really feel the urge to express my fascination.

I’m very fond of animals in general. Of course, I hate rats, and I suffer from cockroach phobia, caused by an unpleasant experience I enjoyed in London, and don’t feel very attached to birds. Apart from that, I like most pets, and am fascinated with wild fauna.

Focusing on pets, what happens with cats and dogs is quite similar to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, or Star Wars and Star Trek. You always choose a side, and often it’s difficult to conceal both together.

I’ve been always into dogs, and my family had two at different time. Pipo was MY dog when I was a baby, and Lola became my brother’s protégée when I was a teen. He also has a bulldog also named Lola, who is one of the most fantastic and tender creatures I’ve ever met.

Few months ago I expressed here my intention of adopting a dog, but unfortunately, due to issues concerning my landlord (a friend of mine), I cannot have one at this moment. But as he put it when I raised the question, such decision is not permanent, so I’m still having the idea present.

I have dog appeal, really. Dogs love me. Period. It’s not an issue if we are not acquainted, I can assure you, sometime dogs come at me to be cuddled on the streets, probably because I’m smiling at them 20 meters away. I don’t know, this is a useless talent that doesn’t work with men. Ha!

I wasn’t into cats due to an attempt to scratch and ruin my face by a Siamese when I was 10. It’s simple, I don’t trust them, and they know it. However, with the passing of years, I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of getting acquainted with, what I call, doggy cats, this is, cats whose behavior and attitude is close to a dog. These creatures are tender, follow you everywhere and they are seeking for your attention as much as a dog sometimes. Thanks to them, I’ve ended liking the cats too. Someone said I also have cat appeal. Well, what can I say? Probably she’s right.

Once this said, let me depict you the background for my question. These friends, cat lovers as well as cat owners, have posted several links and videos related to these animals in “cute” attitudes.

In many cases, I’m generalizing and not fingerpointing to my friends right now (so nobody must be offended), I find this cat loving just a hype, pure fashion, you know, this love for the cuteness which covers from cupcakes, to vintage dresses, to nice postcards, to old china tea sets…you all know what I’m talking about.

Do not misunderstand me. I respect my friends’ passion for cats, and I really understand they love them. But sometimes such love is too much.

Someone said once, if you’re a man in your thirties and live on your own with a cat, you must be gay or something. As you can imagine I disagree, but men are not so insistent nor want to highlight so much their love for cats, although they have one of theirs.

I don’t notice such behavior nor obsession among dog lovers. And dogs are cute too.

Thus, by now you’ve guessed already my question. I feel curious about which animal you prefer, cats or dogs, but existential question is, why such obsession with cats??? If you have an answer, please, let me know. In case you are a cat lover, quite obsessed, I kindly ask you to forgive me, because I don’t mean to offend.


  1. As a really wise man said:

    Cats are cunts!

    Un beso

    Octavius Bot

  2. Same here, I’m a 100% dog person. I generally don’t trust cats. They always look like they’re concealing something and that drives me crazy. Is that lack of transparency what makes me distrustful. They seem to be hiding a second intention everytime they approach you with this affectioned attitude… Dogs are just what they are. If they love you, they love you, and they don’t need anything in return. They’re the most honest, straight-forward and loyal creatures on earth and contrary to what many cat lovers generally think they’re damn intelligent, although in a complete different way. Their supernatural intuition and their capacity to love is something that amazes me. I grew up with many dogs and lived with them till I left home and is by far what I miss the most of having a stable life…
    As for this “cute cat crazyness”… I know what you mean and it ends up being kind of annoying. I can understand why people find them so cute, I even find them cute myself, but they’re EVILLLLLL!!!! EVILLLLLL!!!, small cold and calculating minds. Like this one (toma cat videos):

  3. I don’t know… I don’t dislike or hate cats but I can’t understand what it is that people find so sweet, amusing or smart about them.
    I’m 150% a dog person. I admire and respect their many virtues and the way they treat us, and handle their pain, dissabilities or misfortunes. Also, I’m Dog in the Chinese horoscope, and I have a bit of a dog personality.

  4. bueno, nunca he tenido un gato, y tampoco es que me llamen mucho la atención, más allá de los hilarantes vídeos que protagonizan. Pero sí tengo un perrete, y qué puedo decir, adoro a ese animal. Sólo veo una pega, y es que los chuchos necesitan personas de hábitos. De ese modo, es más fácil que el animal sea paseado dos o tres veces al día, y su dueño no desaparezca durante una temporada, y todo eso. Se puede arreglar, claro, hay personas a nuestro alrededor, y todo eso. Pero en ese sentido, un gato es mucho más independiente. Mi perra se ha acostumbrado a no tener horarios fijos, pero aún así, entiendo que para un perro es mejor una serie de rutinas de paseos. Dicho lo cuál, un perro. Esa es mi elección.

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