Since I posted a list of most charming villains, I haven’t talked about them. No, that’s not good.

It’s been a long time since I want to dedicate a post to one of my latest inspirations: Anthony Soprano.

We all had been charmed by the glamorous portrait of the Italian Mafia in the States, thanks to The Godfather, Goodfellas, or Once Upon a Time in America. Fair enough, don’t you think?

As the time goes by, everything evolves or decays. So does the Mafia.

In 1999 HBO gave birth to The Sopranos, my favorite TV series up to date. Such decadence of the Italian families in the States was personified by the Sopranos. No more Vito, Michael nor Santino Corleone… Sopranos are a mediocre family settled in New Jersey, always trying to be in good terms with NY families, the actual powerful ones.

Lexus and Escalades, diamonds and gold, combined with horrible long nails, impossible hairdos and terrible tracksuits with expensive moccasins… Those times of Copacabana are long gone, now the wise guys hang out at the Bada Bing! (hey I was there!)

And here he comes, my hero, which, due to his waste management business and because of certain FACTS, we must consider a villain: Anthony, Tony, T, Ton, the boss, the capo… whatever.

A huge, bald and overweight vulgar Italian-American man in his forties.

Tony is a huge bear, fierce, aggressive and mean, who has to take control over his two families, and manage to conceal them. Such pressure and responsibility get relief in his panic attacks, which make him look vulnerable. That’s why he accepts therapy as a remedy to such state.

Yeah, he’s not such a bad guy, he cares and provide, as the Italian tradition requires, and of course, he’s very sensitive and affectionate in very intimate situations. But think of it, it’s difficult to be a 24/7 badass, you have to take it easy in order to last longer.

His dark side is much more appealing and interesting. As long as he has fun and envelopes keep coming, anything goes. Excess is a word that fits him perfectly. He drinks, eats, takes drugs, gambles, cheats on his wife and, although loyal to his friends, his top one priority is himself.

As a strategist, he has no rival, cold and calculating, he manages to pull the strings on his behalf. I really love when Tony makes vital decisions and deals, he is powerful.

Physically he’s an average man, probably during his days of glory he wasn’t that bad, but now, his lack of taste in style and his complete disinterest in being healthy or fit, plus his excesses and a stressing life, don’t make of him a handsome guy. However, and this is something discussed and agreed with (some) female friends, he’s got his moments, those when you think, uhmmm, he’s got something. The eroticism of power, perhaps? The strong alpha male character? I don’t know. Just stop thinking of Tony’s goomars, they are all too gorgeous to hang out with a guy like him. But the feeling of power, strength and danger he spreads make him irresistible to not really normal women.

Thus, Tony is probably one of the most down to Earth villains I like. A guy who executes people merciless, and loves cooking ribs and burgers in his king size barbecue, drinking beer, listening to 70’s hard rock music and smoking a good Cuban cigar. Aaaaah, I really miss you, T!

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