Perhaps I’m too predictable concerning some events, since it was Elvis Presley’s birth anniversary on the 8th, my almost daily soundtrack of the first week of the year had to be related.

Rather than just one album, I was enjoying the 70’s compilation box, Walk a Mile In My Shoes, a wonderful treasure I highly recommend, especially now that has been reissued at very reasonable price.

We’ve already discussed on your favorite Elvis’ era, posting a poll for you to vote. Not many participated, but definitely seems that we enjoy the Vegas era, after his Comeback. Somehow he reinvented himself, not only in terms of style, wearing the suits (Priscilla was who suggested he’d be more comfortable during shows with such outfit), growing his sideburns, and turning into the icon we all know, but also strictly musical speaking.

At this period, the insertion of a big band, full of orchestrations made of his, absolutely spectacular shows, really enhancing the intensity in some themes. An American Trilogy, It’s Impossible, The Wonder of You, are good examples.

On the other hand, the choice of songs to perform. He started to cover some other artists, including The Beatles (Remember Yesterday or Hey Jude), something surprising considering he used to make mockery on them. Elvis developed this two side style to be applied in his shows. From a wild Elvis singing and shaking with Polk Salad Annie,  a mid tempo Suspicous Minds, You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’, to anthems provided of an intense charge of emotion such as If I Can Dream, You Gave Me a Mountain or his personal cover of My Way (this cover is terrific!). There are moments when you realize you feel breathless, and fully impressed.

Thus, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, the essential 70’s masters contains 5 CD’s categorized into Singles, Record Sessions and the show. You can choose any, they are all impressive.

It’s super late tonight, but I won’t go to bed unless I give you a piece of advise: please, go the closest store, buy this box, and start enjoying. It’s a blast!


  1. grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! yo soy más fan del Elvis 70’s que del Elvis 50’s… y esta caja fue EL regalo de estas navidades… hay verdaderos momentazos en esa caja, por ejemplo, la interpretación de “Don’t Think Twice”, o “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, o “American Trilogy”!!! cada vez que escucho eso de “glory, glory hallelujah” casi me dan ganas de hacerme cristiano y todo!! XD

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