The wonderful universe of social applications and networks. I’m getting acquainted with such good people on one hand, and great tattoo artists on the other, I can’t stop thinking of my IPhone as the best toy I’ve ever had.

One day I will explain a bit about my Instagram experience. It might sound snob and posh, but I really dig, and I’m at a stage, people you follow their lives in some way, you wanna cross the threshold and start a distance friendship, and the same on the other way round. Very funny.

Well, the reason why I mention IG is because I discovered Jon Larson through my mobile phone.

I don’t consume tattoo magazines nor publications, now I’m following several blogs to get acquainted with some artists, styles and designs, and friends into tattoos are devoted to local or national artists. Let’s say our tattoo culture level is starting to grow and develop, but still, due to lack of tattoo tradition in this country, now that we have some prominent and established figures, we’re still way beyond the rest of the world.

How would I ever know otherwise of a guy working at Depot Town Tattoo in a approx. 20,000 population location named Ypsilanti, Michigan?

Larson’s pieces really fascinate me. His work might look not so accurate as other old school artists, but believe me, his style and designs are totally rad.

The concept of his pieces has a tone of insanity, there’s a present fascination for freak images. Babies are constant in his designs. Baby dolls and child creatures, for instance, are little zombies, they smoke and are high, pure dope!

Animals are wild, rough and aggresive, they always look really out of control. i really like the dot use in tongues and other parts as to remark some kind of rage.

First pieces I remember, were several clouds with thunderbolts. Clouds resembling waves, showing coloured twists, the bolts really comic like, super exaggerated, and the background full of drops, dots and marks. A very simple filling to enhance the effect of the stormy and super charged clouds

Not being a tattoo art expert, I really like those artists whose style is so unique and impressive, you can easily distinguish their work at just a glance. Jon Larson is one of a kind, always shocking with his pieces, I can only define as insane.

If you want to dig in his work, you can check out his website here. New photos are constantly uploaded, and although no information or comments are provided, I can assure you it’s worth following.

Far away, so close, it’s a pity we can’t count of travel machines nor teleportation pods yet. Damn!


  1. That is some pretty sweet ink…

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