I’ve always self-defined as rockin’ gossip, although nowadays this quality is present only in certain occasions among my most intimate friend circle.

I used to be the tabloid magazine delivery messenger between my best friend’s grandmother and my own granny. ¡Hola! (English edition is named Hello!) And Semana, were the two weekly publications they used to exchange, and I, as the messenger, used to have a look at their main titles and the pictures captions. Thus I was 9-10 and knew all about the Spanish Jet-Set, the British Royal family, actors, actresses, and famous personalities in the world. Julio Iglesias, his ex-wife Isabel Preysler, Liz Taylor, Pricess Diana, Caroline of Monaco, were the main protagonists in that time. Yes, there was glamour. Most of the exclusive interviews and articles were agreed economically, thus, let’s say, sensationalist nor yellow journalism didn’t fit at all. Contents of these magazines are very superficial, but still are developed based on a strong moral code and respect.

Unfortunately, average people have a taste for scandal, and here in this country with so many traditions still valid, the double moral standard is quite a religion.

Not only press magazines cover the scandals and pure gossip, but also media covers the dirt, in order to win more audience. Every TV channel includes programs focused on just the miseries of famous people, most of the current supposed journalists participating and informing us on this bullshit, aren’t likely to have graduated at primary school, level of discussions and moderation is based on yelling rate, and hookers, bitches, pimps and assholes in general are our celebrities. You enjoy a crazy night with any of these celebrities, go to one of these wonderful programs and will ensure some money in your pocket. Nonsense!

I don’t watch TV at all. Too much gossip, soccer, reality shows and poor quality contents, TV in Spain is definitely a waste of time.

Series (and films) is the only thing I’d save from TV nowadays, and of course, I don’t mean Spanish product, which is mega huge garbage.

And this is what I wanted to talk about, before this thought of the evolution of gossip through the years came up, sorry. I started thinking of 80’s TV series right after seeing a picture of Sonny Crockett. Grrr, he was hot!

Yes, we’re currently experiencing a golden period regarding TV series, with high budgets, counting on established actors, and better scripts than most of the movies released lately, but for many of us, were the 80’s TV series which left some mark on us, and those we will never forget, as we, kids in those years, we were impressed by those first memories, and grew when watching cartoons, lizard aliens, glamour cops dressed in suits, or wonderful cars.

Thus is showtime! Many shows have been left aside although I love them (or used to love them),here there is a list of 10 TV series that caught my full attention when I was a kid. I haven’t reviewed most of them, probably afraid of such charm would be ruined due to a feeling of disappointment.  You’re likely to be in shock with some of them.

GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (1981-83)  I’ll always remember the pilot episode. Can you imagine yourself finding a super magic suit with cape, which turned you into a superhero? That’d be great, but unless your powers are natural born, there’s a hard learning you have to pass through, and without a master, it’s not so easy.

DYNASTY/THE COLBYS (1981-1991) Denver seemed to be where the action was.  Blake Carrington married to saintly Krystle and her classic hairdo, always bothered by Alexis, the super bitch, who would to anything in her hand to ruin their lives. Pacts, conspiracies, allegiances and traition were constant. I fell in love with Miles Colby (Maxwell  Caulfield), again, another badass with bad luck. The story of my life. The Colbys was a spin-off, not so intense, which tried to portrait the sufferings and issues of the bad ones. Remarkable the homosexuality issue of Adam, and the debut of Heather Locklear as Sammy Jo.

FALCON CREST (1981-90) Personal favorite. Angela Channing was the top 1 of TV bitches. Basically, it deals with two families confrontations, The Channings vs The Giobertis, fighting for the hegemony of their vineyards in Tuscany Valley. There was Spanish presence for some episodes, with Assumpta Serna. Gotta admit, when I first arrived Barcelona, this series was broadcasted by a local channel, and I reviewed several episodes. And I still liked it. Ha!

KNIGHT RIDER (1982-86) Michael Knight forever!!!with those black leather jackets, his super skintight jeans remarking hi male features and those super cool sunglasses. And Kit, the car, a smart and clever metallic “creature”. Tubo Boost device was a blast. Kit, I need you!

A-TEAM (1983-86) M.A Barracus, Murdock,  Hannibal and handsome Templeton Peck. Vietnam elite war veterans, pursued by justice, however contracted to fight against unfair situations. That moment when designing defense devices to prevent from the bad guys’ attacks was simply awesome.

MIAMI VICE (1984-89) Nowadays, kids probably wouldn’t be allowed to wath a series of these cops in Miami fighting against corruption and drug rising empire coming from Colombia, but those were different times, and we could enjoy Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs missions under Lt. Castillo’s command.

V (1984-85) What a shock was to see evil Diana eating a rat! I was super scared and impressed. Sure the visitors were cooler than rebels, with Diana and Lydia (by the way, I knew she was the manager of Spinal Tap! LOL), but that sexual tension between Diana and Donovan was irresistible, and Ham Tyler, with mean attitude, was God.

MOONLIGHTING (1985-89) What do a model and a private detective have in common? Not much really, but life circumstances force Maddie Hayes and David Addison to run the agency Blue Moon together. I used to adore this couple, but the relationship between Herb Viola and Miss DiPesto, was a funny one. Aaaaah, Bruce Willis still had hair and was this smart wiseguy who released Nakatomi workers from the evil plans of Hans Gruber few years later. He was my kinda man.

MACGYVER (1985-92) Give him some chewing gum wrapping paper and a hair clip and he’ll manage to develop a bomb. MacGyver was the man for everything, really profitable and resolute. Sure all of us wanted to follow his steps. We were lucky most of our parents were there to say “You don’t dare!” Special mention to his mulet, hell yeah!

GROWING PAINS (1985-92) One of these family shows couldn’t be missed in the list. I think this was my favorite, and not because of Kirk Cameron, by the way.  The Seavers were a funny family, the parents quite smart, the kids were always troublesome, especially Mike, and Carol was this nerdy stupid girl I used to hate.

It is difficult to choose, because we were basically watching series and cartoons. The offer was wide, and some have to be left aside. But still got in my memory Alf, Night Court, Street Hawk, Degrassi  Jr High, or Galactica.

What about you?

4 responses to “GOSSIP AND 80’S TV SERIES

  1. bueno, muchas cosas a comentar… el tema de las revistas del corazón lo podemos pasar un poco de soslayo. Por supuesto, yo también tenía una abuela consumidora compulsiva del Hola y el Lecturas, pero no recuerdo tener mucho interés en ver los reportajes de esas casas fantásticas de hijosdeputa que posaban siempre descalzos (siempre! era un must!). Quizás algún posado sexy en bikini (lo más hardcore que se mostraba allí). En realidad, si tengo que elegir, me gustan más las revistas cabronas de hoy en día. Antaño, se adoraba a esos personajes como semidioses del glamour, y tal, pero hoy en día, lo que parte la pana es la carroña, quien se droga o quien va enseñando un pezón. Me hace más gracia. Los personajes son patéticos, pero bueno, como es una cosa que miro cuando estoy en una peluquería, o algo así, no me provoca sobredosis. Y ahora, con el iphone, ni siquiera en la peluquería. No deja de ser curiosa esa evolución de la revista de chupapolleo a la revista de machaquemos al famosete subnormal de turno.

    En fin, vayamos a lo interesante… las series ochenteras! Es evidente que su revisión, 25 años más tarde (y no lo olvidemos, nosotros mismos con 25 años más encima) resulta, a menudo, dolorosa y muy poco recomendable. Sí que comenzaría diciendo que la sociedad se ha vuelto ridículamente superproteccionista con los niños, y alguna de esas series que mencionas, y que la chavalería seguíamos con pasión, sería defenestrada hoy en día por violenta, por sexista o por no sé qué más tonterías. Yo soy de los que piensan que los padres de hoy son bastante lelos, y están creando una generación atontada. Yo vi series violentas y sexistas y llenas de estereotipos … y sigo vivo! Amén de no haber viajado en sillita para el coche, ni llevar cinturones, de haber jugado en la calle, de haber … no sé, muchas cosas… y, believe or not, no presento ninguna tara aparente derivada de ello… que no digo que ciertos aspectos de la sociedad versus su infancia sean razonables, pero en general… potser en fem un gra massa, no?

    Pero sigo, que me voy por las ramas… El Gran Héroe Americano! Lo cierto es que guardo muy pocos recuerdos de ella, salvo esa canción que sonaba en los créditos, carne de radiofórmula adulta 80’s. Eso, y que entre los niños de mi barrio era conocido como “el supertonto”… por analogía con Superman, entiendo. Eran otros tiempos, 3 canales de TV, y cualquier estreno era seguido por TODO el mundo.

    El tema Dinastía/Los Colby no lo recuerdo en absoluto, creo que nunca la vi. Pero sí me gustaba Falcon Crest. No entendía un carajo, pero en realidad, era muy infantil… había una villana muy clara, y unos buenos.

    El Equipo A / Mc Gyver / El Coche Fantástico… o la santísima trinidad de las series. Evidentemente , los veía todos. Recuerdo claramente la emoción con el estreno de Mc Gyver, y tras varias semanas anunciándolo, allí estaba yo, frente a la tele, esperando algo grande. No se puede entender el sustrato cultural de la generación que creció en los 80’s sin esos 3 referentes. Podría estar escribiendo chistes y chascarrillos referentes a ellas que entre el tiempo transcurrido y que eran cosas de críos, ahora serían casi sonrojantes. Pero que levante la mano quien no se haya acercado la muñeca izquierda a la boca y repetido ese mantra de “Kitt, te necesito”.

    Quería dejar para el final Miami Vice… nunca fuí un gran seguidor de esa serie. Por lo que fuera. Aunque me encantaba esa cabecera inicial, con esa sintonía, los flamencos… dios, me acuerdo de los putos flamencos. Y el frontón, y las lanchas, y el ferrari de Sonny Crocket…

    • Totalmente de acuerdo con la sobreprotección de los críos hoy en día. De hecho el otro día lo hablaba con alguien. Qué coño es eso del rincón de pensar? Si me portaba mal, a veces me comía una galleta, me mandaban a mi cuarto, y lo peor, me castigaban con caligrafía (soy zurda, nunca unía las letras según el standard, y emborronaba los cuadernos). Chupábamos todo, jugábamos con coches y moñacos con piezas pequeñas, y si, la tele, las series y los dibujos fueron parte de nuestro aprendizaje. Por eso pienso que hoy en día, no sería viable que un crío viera Miami Vice, Acorralado, o Mad Max, y nosotros ahí estábamos. El rollito este pedagógico es una pijada como un templo, y después de haber currado 4 años en Imaginarium y haber visto y oido muuchas cosas, te lo puedo asegurar. Pero bueno, dejo el tema, porque entonces me adentraré en terrenos pantanosos, pero en resumen, ya somos dos los que pensamos que la mayor parte de padres jóvenes son unos gilipollas.

      Hay muchas series que, efectivamente, son decepcionantes y quedan obsoletas con el paso de los años. Pero otras también tienen un sentido y ahora las entiendes, cuando de críos en general, sólo nos quedábamos con detalles meramente estéticos.

      V pierde de lo cutronga que es, y hay episodios que llegan a ser un rollo patatero. Pero por ejemplo, Miami Vice, realmente merece la pena. Y jolines, si, la intro de esa serie era totalmente poderosa.

      Hablas de 3 canales, en Mañoland solo había dos. Recuerdo cuando en el TeleIndiscreta veía la programación de TV3. Era fan de la Dona Biónica sin haber visto ni un sólo episodio, pero seguía el argumento de los episodios religiosamente. Qué cosas!

  2. Siempre suelo tirarme una media hora diaria leyendo este blog, con mi taza de cafe, felicidades por este

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