I was meant to have a quiet week, the past one. I was so exhausted after Xmas, my only wish was to get back to normal. The question is, what is normal in my life? I’m still not sure about it, plus routines had gone on holidays for the past 2-3 weeks.

Because I’m supposed to talk about the album, I’m not going into what I expected from last week, and what it actually happened, truth is that my musical choice, is quite meaningful and attached to my state.

Fu Manchu is one of my favorite bands ever. Yes, I know I’m telling this quite often, but this time is for real. Probably from your point of view, my devotion is way beyond, and excessive, and probably you’re right, but I can’t help it, I simply adore them.

I discovered Fu Manchu in London. I used to hang out at the original Intrepid Fox, in Wardour St. (Soho), from time to time, till that place became my second home, being the first the coffee shop I was working at. My room in East London was just a place to crush from time to time and my logistics headquarters. But during my first months in the big city, living with Jose,  my night habits were dormant, and this place was a very special joint for rare occasions. Some day I will tell you about my London days in depth, the craziest time in my life, and one of the finest.

Should I go on with the subject once and for all. I remember one evening, we were having some pints and all of a sudden I noticed an insane riff which charmed me immediately. What was that? I didn’t know, but it was one of the most powerful songs I had ever heard, absolutely rad. It was something exploding right in my face. I will never forget those seconds, and the feelings I experience. I was so impressed, I went straight to the bartender and asked him what that was, and he told me the song was named Evil Eye*, and the band, related to Kyuss and the uprising stoner movement, was called Fu Manchu. It was an instant crush I had. You can see why.

Few months after I got single (yep, we were back together one year later, but that’s another story), I recover my night habits, made new acquaintances, and used to hang around with Orange Goblin guys. They informed me of Fu Manchu coming to town in October, a gig I shouldn’t miss, thus I bought my ticket. The day of the show I was so excited and in such good mood, I got completely wasted before they started to play. My only memories were that I’d been headbanging nonstop having lots of fun, and that after the show, I had been talking to the band, offering my services as translator during their tour dates in Spain. I think they didn’t like the idea my ex boyfriend was gonna be there, so after an initial ok, they turned back their decision.

So frustrated due to such behavior, I promised myself not to attend a gig in such terrible state ever, and bought The Action is Go, and weeks later, their new album release, King of the Road.

Inexplicably, and for my joy, the band came back one month after, and this time, I enjoyed the show as deserved. It was reckless, wild and super strenuous. Since then, I’ve attended all the shows I’ve managed to see (about 8), and I reckon to be one of their most diehard fans. Believe me, their live performances are awesome.

So, this little story told, there’s nothing much to say about King of the Road. For me, it’s achieved a status of classic, and it’s a sequence of hit after hit.

I remember talking about the lyrics with the Goblins, and they were telling me not to be much bothered, Fu Manchu’s are kind of just fun. The clearest example is easily found in Weird Beard.

Riffs, rhythms, and Scott Hill’s personal phrasing, create a unique groove. But the most outstanding feature of this album is just energy, straight to the listener, like a punch.

Listen to Over the Edge, King of the Road, Hell on Wheels… it’s like you’ve just shot a fix of adrenaline and feel on top of the world.

Thus imagine, feeling the queen of the world, pretending to be back to normal, I behave in many ways but normal. Still, recovering King of the Road last week, gave me a very positive perspective of some thoughts and commitments to myself I’ve decided. With energy and strong will, I can achieve whatever I want.

*Evil Eye belongs to The Action is Go album

2 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 2 – KING OF THE ROAD

  1. Primer contacto con ellos en directo, la verdad que de los shows que he visto, este del Garatge fue un poco corto y seco, muy por faena. Discazo y temon, saludos.

  2. Nice blog! Matt Elliott’s “The Broken Man” is my album of the week at mattneric:

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