No progress, no evolution nor freedom of speech have changed the traditional approach toward the one of the most essential and vital biologic cycle: female period.

There’s been a revolution in terms of sex: toys, explicit conversations, films, ads, porn… you might feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re not used to, but nowadays the sex thing is something quite common and present in our lives.

When it comes to terms of female hormones and periods, everything is totally different. When this topic of discussion becomes active, you can immediately notice men feeling REAL tense. It’s something I find ridiculous, yet fun at the same time. Well guys, this is something we pass through every 28 days, and is essential for the preservation of the human kind, thus you are adult enough to start changing your mind, accept, respect and support.

And why am I talking about support and understanding? Not only because of the pain we might experience in some cases, which, believe me, is not a performance for justified complaining or blackmailing, as my ex used to think (yes, very nice!), but also because we do really change, and we are completely agitated.

Many women hate when, in case they have a weird behavior marked by terrible mood, some guys make jokes and eventually ask the very same question: are you in those days? To be honest, I don’t get upset with such comments, you know my experience and coexistence with guys made me realize that they don’t mean wrong, and what some might understand as disrespect and sexism, it’s just a joke and a way to tell you “take it easy, girl”. At least, this is the impression I got from my acquaintances.

How is it possible we get offended? Research has concluded that we’re so disturbed, it can affect to daily activities, such as driving, concentrating, and performing certain tasks.

Of course we don’t get affected in the same way, every time, and this is the weirdest. It’s like a rollercoaster,  with ups and downs.

I’m not a moody person generally speaking, and reckon to be a positive and optimist one. However, few months after I got single and most of the grief was over, plus every intense feelings affecting my body balance (I’m talking serious), veggie condition aside, I started noticing something weird occurring before those damn days, completely out of control. Yes, I suffer from premenstrual syndrome. It’s fine that you laugh, I’m not proud of it, but not ashamed either.

I remember once, a massive feeling of nostalgia invaded me, and despite the fact that I had many good plans and events ahead, and great stuff was on the go, I wasn’t able to overcome such a sad situation…until the usual symptoms started, and I was so glad and relieved for not being out of my mind, nostalgia vanished in a nick of time.

Some other times, many things irritate me, and for no apparent reason, my character becomes fussy for few days. It’s like I hate people shouting around me (well, my pitch tone is quite loud), or leaving things in places they’re not supposed to, or just what some say doesn’t make sense and can’t help but making my point.

I suffer more when temporary depression knocks at my door, but at least I prefer staying isolated so I don’t bother anyone, rather than being moody, which can cause some kind of unintended misunderstanding.

The human existence is based on hormones , their combination, attraction, rejection and reaction.  It’s unbelievable the temporary imbalance of them, causing us so many reactions. We are like Molotov cocktails, don’t you think?

Once this said, there’s only one advise for you, guys. Don not mess with Estrogen. Anytime you get close to a woman, you suspect is at the crest of her female cycle, try your utmost not to break her balls. And do not raise this question either, otherwise, you risk your eyes to be pull out of their sockets, in a transitory derangement. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

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